Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Its Impact on You

Maximizing the use of (and understanding about) mind. Personal and global.

There is a circular relationship between virtual and real. And, believe it or not, .

That is, a circular relationship, in technology, is zero and one, which metaphorically, and, technologically, is the representation of everything.

This is how we get to the meaning of real: zero and one are circumference and diameter, virtual and real, meaning, time and space share a circular relationship, , you and I share a circular relationship, X and Y share a circular relationship. Virtual and real share a circular relationship. Zero and one are circumference and diameter (virtual and real).

Also, X and X, X and X’, and this is the basis for mathematics, the virtual representation of reality.

X and X (X and X’) Conservation of a Circle

From here, physics, psychology, economics, politics, history, and all the rest, because complementarity is the basis for identity, duplicity is the basis for a unit, virtual, then is the basis fore real, and, it follows, logically, real is the basis for virtual. You cannot have one without the other (one without two) (zero without one). You get this. ).



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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