The Virtual Relationship: Consciousness and Physics

X and Y conserve a circle (also known as mind and matter).

Mind and matter (nature). (Photo by Michael Hirsch)

Mind works in the abstract. Giving us virtual relationships. Real relationships are virtual (accessed symbolically using social media). As well as real (in person).

Therefore, everything is half-the-time virtual. The other half, real.

50–50 dictates everything because the number two is necessary for one (and vice versa). This is because the circle is conserved by any (and every) relationship. Because any (and every) relationship conserves a circle. Yes. This is, necessarily, circular.

Thus, virtual intelligence, and, abstract intelligence, controls everything, as evidenced, and proven, by, technology. Zero. And, one.

Therefore, technology and biology are entwined. Yin and yang (ancient) are zero and one (modern). This explains, and clarifies, everything. You cannot have virtual without real, and, because of constant circularity, vice versa.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.