Virtual Time and Space

Artificial intelligence is not at-all artificial.

X and Y is one and two (zero and one). (Photo by Daniel Cheung)

What is intelligence? The ability to compare. Differentiate. Isolate. Create.

This gives us phenomenology in physics (philosophy as physics) (and, vice versa). Forcing us to take a deeper look at technology. And, also, logic.

Zero and one is X and Y. Cannot not be. Therefore, X and Y is circumference, and, diameter. Cannot not be.

Therefore cannot, and, not, are irrelevant. Time and space is virtual, if we want it to be real. This is proven by every coder. Every creator (in nature).

There is a circular relationship between code and coder, virtual and real, artificial and intelligence. Meaning, everything is real. And, nature is, technologically, intelligent.

Again, X and Y is zero and one (circumference and diameter) (one and two). Everything is entangled (by the conservation of a circle). For example, me and you. Nature does not separate (so humans can decide to separate).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.



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