What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Intelligence

Ilexa Yardley
Jul 31, 2017 · 2 min read

X and Y is zero and one. A string of characters means nothing. Without intelligence.

Intelligence. (Photo by Andrew Neel)

A string of characters connects technology and life. In fact, a string, of characters, is the intelligence, joining, and separating life. Meaning a string of characters means nothing, with out human, intervention.

So, if there is a mistake, embedded, in, the string, of characters, a human, finds the character, or characters, that is, or, are, out, of order, and re, arranges, them, to regain, the, sense, of order. Correct ing the mistake.

So, in order for you to read this, interpret, and, understand it, you have to code, and, decode, several, strings, and characters. This is the basis for intelligence. Human. Artificial.

So, we have to know what’s in the string, and, how to code, and decode, a string, before we can have intelligence (and, obviously, vice versa). In fact, to differentiate a character in a string, we have to use a constant, connecting, background, called ‘space.’ Space, then, is required, for intelligence, artificial, and, human. Virtual, and real.

Space joins, and separates, any set of characters, and, any set of strings.

This explains intelligence, and, space. As a character. And a string. There is a mandatory circular relationship between intelligence and space. Character and string. Any X and Y define a circle. Also, known, as, zero, and one. Circumference. And, diameter. Artificial. And, real.

Pi-diameter-circumference is the basis for one-two-three, the hidden set of characters, defining, and controlling, space, and, therefore, intelligence, artificial, and-or real. This gives us zero and one, the most basic, and required, string. The definition for space.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and, the universe, validate, and operate using, the single identity called ‘space.’

Therefore, intelligence is a relative reality, dependent, totally, on a circle. A hidden circle, is the mandatory unit, called space. Connecting space and character. Any space. Any character. Virtual. And-or real.

Giving us, what humans string, or code, intelligence. Space is zero. Everything else is ‘one.’ Or, vice versa. ‘Two’ is the implied, and hidden, number, controlling everything.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.


The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

Ilexa Yardley

Written by

Author, The Circular Theory

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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