What Einstein’s Theorem Really Means

The recycling of nature. How it impacts your life, and, your impact on life.

Conservation of the circle.

Einstein’s famous theorem, e=mc2, is known by all, and, is knowable, by all, through algebraic mathematics. That is, a constant is dependent on a variable, and, a variable is dependent on a constant. This is the basis for all theorems, and, all theories. In all systems, and, in all disciplines.

A variable, and, a constant, is necessary for life, nature, and mathematics. The symbolic representation of life, nature, and mathematics. Therefore, all people are capable of understanding Einstein’s theorem, because we live it, and we live with it, every day.

That is, the recycling of nature, is the one constant in nature, and the constant everyone knows about, and is sure about, when it comes to nature. Therefore, there is a universal relativity, and a universal circularity, in nature. Universal relativity, and universal circularity, are responsible for, explain, and control, nature.

Relativity and Circularity

This means there are two constants in nature. Relativity and circularity. A basic zero, and a one. You cannot have one of these without the other. Meaning, the constant, in nature, is a variable, and, the variable in nature is, a constant. This is the basis for technology. Mathematics. And, also physics, philosophy, and psychology.

The variable in nature, then, is recognizable as a circle, also called a cycle, an integrated circuit, a sensor, a signal and-or, a switch. Also known, then, as gravity, electricity, and magnetism. Radiation, revolution, and, rotation. Meaning, from a technological point of view, and, therefore, from a technical point of view, a cycle is, a circle.

Therefore, the conservation of energy is dependent on the conservation of a circle, and vice versa. And, you can rename one, by the other, into the other, for the other. One comes from the other. Meaning a preposition, in language, serves as a conjunction, and, again, vice versa. This holds true for adverbs and adjectives (modifiers in general). It holds true for nouns and verbs. And, it, also, holds true for subjects and objects. Relativity and circularity are entangled (dependent on one another.)


This means absolute zero is perpetual motion. Meaning, from a human point of view, we are always involved in something, entangled with someone, participating as an individual, in a circular relationship with, a group of some kind. Therefore, the number one is, always entangled with, implies, and can be thought of as, the number two.

This means the number ‘two’ is constant. 50–50 is the variable, and 50–50 is the norm. This gives us ‘reversion to the mean.’ Meaning, from a mathematical, and a technological point of view, nature is continually recycling itself. And, so, are, we.

Thus, back to conservation, and the conservation of nature, the conservation of the universe, the conservation of the number one, and, the conservation of the number two (the conservation of symmetry). All of these made possible by, and dependent on, the conservation of a circle.


Conservation of a circle is something we all know about. It’s something we experience every day. In everything we do, and think, and say.

In technological terms, a zero, and a one, is, always, circumference, and diameter. Because you need both, to have either. Which proves, and correctly identifies, the circular relationship between, an individual, and a group, virtual, and real. This means we are always working with, and as, a virtual persona.

Meaning, zero and one, is one and two. If one, then two. If two, then one. If one, then zero. If zero, then, one. Meaning, if X, then Y. Meaning, X, is, always X. Zero, is, technically, ‘two.’ (Producing, in technology, the cloning, and the halting, problem.)

Complementarity and Identity

This gives us the complementary relationship, which is necessary for the identification of any entity. Which is necessary for the identification of any process. Which is necessary for the identification of any system. Which explains identity, in general.

Meaning, complementarity is the basis for identity, because duplicity is the basis for a unit. Any system. Any discipline. This gives us the basis for language, computers, and computing.

You need a zero for a one, and, vice versa, you need a one for a zero. A zero is circumference. A one is diameter. And, pi, then joins, and separates, them, holds them together, keeps them apart. Pi, then, is responsible for the universal circularity, and the universal relativity, called ‘nature.’

Philosophy and Psychology

This takes us to philosophy, and psychology, where, again, you cannot have one of these, without the other, because of relativity, and circularity. Everything occurs in pairs. Remember Noah’s ark.

A constant recycling of nature is known to man as yin and yang, which is part of every philosophical, and psychological system, invented by, and knowable through man. Yin and yang is zero and one in modern terms because both describe the complementarity in nature. Life and death articulate, and, thus, conserve, an uber-basic circle.

This means the human is a two-state-system, often thought of as a three-state system (id-ego-superego), as in philosophy (father-son-holy ghost) and time (past-present-future). Again, pi-diameter-circumference is diameter-circumference, one and zero, is zero and one (0(1)0). So, it is easy to become confused by the circular relationship (called ‘two’ and ‘three’).

Sequence, Repetition, Copy

So, it is important, here, to notice, zero is, half-the-time, one. This means one is two, and two is three. There is a human error embedded in mathematics. Where, mathematics is provably dependent on, the conservation of a circle.

This gives us right and left, right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, yes and no, a basic circular symbol (signal) (circuit) (switch). It also gives us sequence. Repetition. Copy.

The conservation of a circle, then, conserves the conservation of energy, and also the conservation of a phase transition, also known as, sequence, repetition, and the copy. This gives us sexuality, and sexual activity. DNA and genes. Also known as biology. The repetition, and conservation, of nature.

Hydrogen and Oxygen

Therefore, it is no surprise to notice, hydrogen, when burned, produces water. This explains the universe. Space and time. Gravity and the human.

It explains psychological (and philosophical) relationships (intellect and emotion) (ethics and morality). Anger and depression. Addiction and death. Sexuality and violence. All of the good things, and the bad things, about life.

All of these are based on light and sound. Light as a perpetual line. And sound as a perpetual circumference. Meaning, we are always on the horizon of, an uber-basic circle. Where light is not the constant. Meaning, life is the constant.

Future of Technology

None of this is surprising. Or unexpected. It’s all based on information we already know. And information we already have. Technology is bringing this information to the surface as we begin to incorporate the virtual aspects of reality (artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning).

Technology is forcing us to take a new and improved look at language, the use of language, and the visualization of language, as computer code, and firmware, again, are dependent on the circular and linear relationship of a zero and a one.

No one is surprised, or in denial, about the circular relationship between a zero and a one. It takes some time to think about. And, also, some time to notice. But, once one notices it, it’s very obvious. The most basic string in nature is a zero and a one. Therefore, we control our own destiny. As the conservation of a zero. And a one. No surprises, here.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.