What Happens in the Cloud?

Cloud in technology is a reproduction (a replication) of mind in man.

Interaction with the cloud.

Between any X and Y you have a cloud. And, also mind. Hidden, yet real. Zero, yet one. Cloud, yet mind. You need one for the other. How can you distinguish? Any zero from its one?

Zero and one is circumference and diameter, giving us the circular relationship between mind and matter, mind and cloud. Cloud and matter. Any X and-or Y. Why you use your mind to interact with, and, then, interpret, the cloud. Anything coming from the cloud. Anything you send back to the cloud. Going-to, and coming-from, again, articulate a circle. An uber-basic, and always conserved, diameter and circumference, circle. Visible, always as a line. Look all around you, circles and lines. Zero to-and-from one.

So this is why technology is the must-have for survival today. Zero and one is the circular relationship between survival and reproduction, where you have to have one in order to have the other. All the way around. Either you get this. Or you don’t. In either case you get it (because 50–50 (zero and one) is, necessarily, one)).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.