What is Really Happening in the Universe

The conservation of a circle.

Galaxy in universe.

Zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally. And, figuratively. And if you understand this, you are way ahead of mainstream physics (and way ahead of Einstein).

Einstein tied space and time to a circle because e equal mc squared equals c equals the square root of e divided by m. This is a string of characters which must reduce (and expand) to minimum-maximum two characters, zero and one (circumference and diameter). And if you look carefully, at the string, above, you will notice the constant is a variable (and vice versa). Constant shares a circular relationship with variable (you need both to have either).

Therefore conservation of the circle shows up in the universe as radiation, rotation, and revolution (three circles, reduce and expand to one circle, reduces, always to two circles, namely diameter, and circumference).

This takes a little time to see. It takes some getting used to. Because grammar schools all over the world teach the number line as the core assumption in nature, when the number line is just a string of characters, and it’s the line, and not the numbers on the line, that is important.

So, if you’re up to it. Get into thinking about the universe. And you will be way ahead. All universes. Especially, the universe called ‘mind.’ Technologists are abstract thinkers, at the moment, ahead of physicists, and mathematicians, in their thinking capability.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (meaning no universe, no anything, but mind) (pi is the correct mathematical abstraction for mind).