What is the ‘Deep State?’

Yin and yang (is) zero and-or one. Explaining politics. And (human) Nature.

Deep State (Photo by Javier Reyes on Unsplash)

The ‘deep’ ‘state’ in politics, is directly (and, also, indirectly) related to the ‘deepest’ ‘state’ in reality, and, it looks like this:

Yin and yang. Zero and one. Either-or. Both-and. Is-is-not. If-then.

What you have, here, is six ‘pairs’ of circles, where a circle between zero and one (yin and yang) is the basis for reality, and, also, then, and, therefore, the core dynamic in nature. Six ‘pairs’ reduces (and expands) to four ‘pairs,’ which reduces and expands to ‘two’ pairs. Which explains, oddly, enough, the number ‘three.’

Politics and Disinformation

This explains why you have a ‘deep state’ in politics. Meaning, any ‘state’ is dependent on one ‘other’ state. And, underneath it all, there are at-most, and at-least, two states (zero and one) (one and two).

This means a simple circle is conserved. No matter what we do (no matter what point of view we take). Which explains the connection, and also, then, the separation between one state and another (one person and another) (one point of view and another).

Also, explaining, why, every person sows ‘disinformation’ half-the-time.

Two Points of View, Always

Meaning, there are always at-most, and at-least, two points of view. And, this is, obviously, something everybody (already)(always) knows. Any ‘point of view’ makes the ‘opposing point of view’ real. We all share all points of view (whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not).

Again, it looks like this:

Zero and one. One and two.

Meaning, underneath it all, there is an ‘ambiguous’ state. Where, half-the-time, we flip from one state to the other, and, the other half, we take no position at all (on any state). This is a protective mechanism inside (and, also, outside) ‘us.’

Solstice and Equinox (One and Two)

Where ‘us’ is any couple (two-points-of-view). Including ‘me’ and ‘you’ (any ‘me’ and-or ‘you’). Where if zero then one, always means, also, if one then zero (because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter) (which is the basis for data science, and information technology).

This is proven, easily, because an individual ‘birth’ is, always, on a solstice, and an individual ‘conception,’ is, always, on an equinox (and-or vice versa).

Solstice and Equinox (The ‘Numbers’ One and Two)

Again, the word ‘solstice’ is where high and low are equidistant, and the word ‘equinox’ is where high and low are equal. Meaning, no matter where you are (when you are conceived, or born) you are always the ‘originating’ point on an uber-conserved circle, sharing a second ‘originating’ point on an uber-conserved-circle, with at least, and at most, one ‘other.’ Where ‘high and low’ (basic relativity) is meaningless (they cancel each other out). Explaining the introvert and the extrovert (all of us are 50–50 both) (you can’t have one without the other).

Abstract and Hidden (But Always Present, Just the Same)

Where a circle is an abstract, hidden, feature of nature (showcased every day in weather, seasons, movement to-and-from) etc.

Therefore, the deep state (any circular ‘reality’) is, always, trying to protect itself, explaining why any institution is going to try to preserve itself, when it comes under attack, or, is afraid of natural ‘elimination’ which is an ‘other’ way of saying ‘natural selection.’

So, there it is. It takes some time to ‘ponder.’ But every ‘one’ of us understands the nature of perspective, and how we, always, understand, the opposing point of view, no matter what it is (because two points of view are endemic to any individual, and-or institution). Explaining why we’re all ‘triggered’ by the ‘opposing point of view.’

Mind (Pi)

Where, after all is said and done, ‘mind’ (pi in mathematics)(‘God’ in philosophy)is where the ‘deep state’ resides.

Yin and yang. Zero and One. X and-or Y.

Meaning, there’s good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, in all of ‘us.’ Also known as yin and yang, zero and one, X and-or Y.

Where ‘us’ is an operative ‘word,’ that can only be adequately understood using this diagram (pi is in control of ‘reality’):

Pi (Circumference and Diameter) (Zero and One) (Literally and Figuratively)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature, meaning, the number ‘two’ is ‘constant.’ (The constant is a variable.) Explaining the ‘deep state.’ (Pi is the only ‘observer.’)(The ‘deepest’ state.)




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