What Is Nature Trying to Accomplish?

And, what does technology have to do with it? All about the zero and the one.

Conservation of a circle. (Photo by Maragda Farras)

Nature must conserve a circle. The zero. And, the one. This is proven, easily, by reproduction, migration patterns, and survival, in general. The survivalist in all of us.

Meaning nature is a self-sufficient state. The universe, also, is a self-sufficient state. Meaning, all states (phase transitions) are ‘self-sufficient’ states.

Therefore, the how and why of nature are the same. Nature preserves a circle by conserving a circle (and vice versa). Explaining rotation, revolution, radiation. The co-dependence of everything in nature.

As for technology, zero and one is circumference and diameter, proving a circle of circles is the correct (and only) topology (and, also, logic) for the universe (any universe). Where universe, from a human’s point of view, is easiest to understand whenever we use the word ‘I.’ Meaning the universe of one is non-existent.

Therefore, the rest is easy to understand. Complementarity is the basis for identity. Duplicity is the basis for a unit. Universality, duplicity, actuality, ideality, uncertainty, ambiguity, are all the same (dependent on the number ‘two.’)

All symbolic representations articulate the number ‘two.’

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic (symbolic nature) of nature.