What Pharma Bro Teaches Us About Finance

Financial intelligence dictates reality. Reality is not what you think.

Pharma Bro

Individualism is the core dynamic in nature. Meaning, we survive to reproduce, and we reproduce to survive. This keeps an individual entangled with a group. There is a circular relationship between any individual and group. Meaning the largest, and the smallest, group, is, binary.

You cannot have a binary system without a decimal system. And, vice versa, you cannot have a decimal system without a binary system. Because they both conserve a circle (require a zero and a one).

Therefore a zero and a one control finance, and, therefore, the individual. Meaning, you cannot say, exactly, if an asset is a liability, or not. You need an asset for a liability, and, also, vice versa. So, the absolute value of an asset, and-or, a liability, is meaningless.

This is what pharma bro is teaching. Going to jail? Not sure. Half-of-this is irrelevant. Half-of-this is irreverent. You can succeed on one level, while failing on another. In fact, nature demands this. After all is said. And done.

If you make money for others, you can bet, lawyers, will eventually become, involved. Reality is not that cut and dried. Perspective is, always, relative.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.