What Riots in Hong Kong, DC, and Everywhere, Teach Us

We are operating with incorrect assumptions about everything.

We can correct the thinking that leads to riots, easily. But it will take time. In some cases, a lot of time.


Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, and, therefore, the most important dynamic in Nature.

It looks like this:

This means we can place any ‘word’ under this diagram in order to understand it (the word, and the diagram).

A riot is the articulation of a disagreement between X and Y (any X and Y).

The sun is a riot. A disagreement between hydrogen and helium. About who should ‘take over…’


This is proven, and articulated, continually, in mathematics. By the (confusion caused by) numbers one and two.

It is also proven, and articulated, continually, in physics. By the (confusion caused by) numbers zero and one.


Thus a riot (or a disagreement) is a natural (and necessary) operation in Nature.

You could say all of Nature operates on the fundamental assumption called ‘disagreement.’ When, what you are saying, really, is X and Y is X and X. And, they can only ‘agree’ half-the-time.


Moralizing about ethics (what is right and wrong) will not get us out of this ‘conundrum…’ (reality about reality).

From Nature’s point of view, we’re, all of us, half-right and half-wrong, at all times.

This is because you cannot have a whole without a half. Explaining why 50–50 is the constant (that never changes).


Which means, technically, we have to rethink our idealistic ideas about ‘democracy.’ The ‘constitution’ in general. All forms of government.

Legal arguments will not get us out of this. We have to rethink what we think we know about mathematics. And, physics. Science (and religion) in general. ‘Laws’ and ‘contracts’ in general.


This is because everything is based upon the linear and circular relationship between X and Y (zero and one) (circumference and diameter).

Meaning, mind is, technically, ‘pi,’ and words, and ideas, cannot sway, or force, one side to an ‘other.’


This is a very serious article that has real consequences and will materialize whatever your best, or worst, thoughts are about, what humans label, ‘reality.’

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. You need to take the time to think this through.

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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