What the Metaverse has to do with Physics

Why the metaverse is taking over technology. And, physics. (And, therefore, philosophy.) It’s all about the meme.

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It used to be that ‘three’ was the magic number. Having to do with father-son and holy-ghost. That is, father-son and holy-ghost was (and is) a meme for circumference-diameter and pi.

The Meme

That is, everything is, technically, a meme for circumference-diameter and pi (zero one and one zero) (one zero one one). Meaning, technically, the number ‘three’ is the number ‘two.’ (Two-two’s.) ‘Two’ is, now, the ‘magic’ (the only ‘true’) number.

That is, the circumference and diameter of an uber-basic (continually conserved) circle (the circular-linear relationship), is a meme for zero and one (technology in general) (the meme in general). Where it is impossible to have a zero without a one (you need both to have either) (it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter). Where a ‘meme’ is, always, X representing X (X sharing a circular-linear relationship with X). Explaining why ‘two’ is the only ‘true’ number in Nature. (True and false, like any X and Y, conserve a circle.)

X and X
X or X

This explains the metaverse. And why the metaverse is taking over technology. And, physics. Especially, obvious, right now in crypto-currency (see the press on Axie Infinity )(play games and collect (crypto) coins) (read: play games and collect money) (the new world of ‘work’).

The Metaverse

A metaverse, technically, spans the relative (circular-linear) relationship called ‘mind and matter.’ (The abstract and the concrete.)

That is, we can imagine, with our minds, any universe (thus, the metaverse). And we can ‘represent’ this universe using X’s and Y’s (0’s and 1's).This is only possible because there is a mandatory circular-linear relationship between mind and matter (abstract and concrete reality) (any X and Y). Meaning, pi is the correct (technical) ‘name’ for, what humans experience as, ‘mind.’ (Think: metaverse.) (Metamodernism, metareality, metaphor, meta cognition, metarealism.)

Mind and Matter

And this means, technically, if you want to ‘go there,’ the metaverse is not only a meme for reality, it is, technically, ‘reality.’

This is easily explained (and proven) by the diagram.


That is, there is a circular-linear relationship between any X and Y (any X and X’) (any X and X). Meaning the diagram is ‘reality.’ For any universe (any metaverse). Because X shares a circle with X (any X, all X’s) the circle (a circumference and a diameter) is responsible for them both (again, any X, all X’s). Represented, technically, and accurately, by the diagram:


This is because it’s not possible to have a circumference without a diameter (a son without a father) (a father without a son).

And this is because the conservation of a circle is the only (thus, the core) dynamic in Nature. (Meaning the tokenization of a circle is responsible for all fathers and sons (in any discipline) (in any reality) (in any metaverse) (in any universe)). The father is a son. Always.

Conservation of a Circle

This explains mimetics and memetics. (The copy.) (Reproduction in general.) (Technically, sex.)

Father Son Holy Ghost (Circumference Diameter Pi)

(Perpetual) Tokenization

This is because, again, the zero and the one, are, technically, and literally, a circumference and a diameter (one circumference and one diameter, technically).

Meaning everything we see in concrete reality is in a mandatory circular-linear relationship with abstract reality (everything in Nature is supported by a universal ‘mind’ that is, more technically known, in mathematics, as, ‘pi’). (In ancient times, called, ‘God.’)

Again, one-two-three (or zero-one-two) is, technically, pi-diameter-circumference. Thus, XXX is XX is X.


Thus the diagram is a concrete abstraction for, what humans label, tokenization. (All memes.) (Think: metaverse.) (Think: universe.) (The diagram is a concrete abstraction for, what humans label, ‘reality,’ and, also, Nature.)

The Conservation of an Uber-Basic (Alway-Present) (Totally Prescient) Circle (Circular-Linear Relationship)

So this explains what the metaverse has to do with physics (and mathematics, technically). And, why, then, the metaverse is taking over technology (why it’s already taken over physics) (mathematics, all of it, is a meme for (the tokenization of) a circle) (the definition of a metaverse).

All imaginations, and all interpretations of any (and all) imaginations, conserve an uber-basic circle (an uber-basic meme).


It’s all about the meme, then. Where a meme represents a circle (0 is a representation of 1) (therefore 0 is 1) (true is false). Where technology is, technically, a meme for ‘reality.’ (And reality is a meme for technology.) All because Nature is, technically, one zero, and one one (the tokenization of a circle) (a meme for a circle). Explaining how (and why) the mind controls everything. (The mind is a meme for pi.) (And, always, vice versa.) Meaning, what you ‘see’ is never what you ‘get.’ What you decide to ‘see’ is, always, what you ‘get.’

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