What We are Trying to Accomplish With Crypto-Technology (and Why)

The humanistic movement called one ‘zero’ and one ‘one….’

Why Mathematics Can Never ‘Explain’ Reality

It is not possible to have the word ‘and’ without the word ‘or.’ Meaning, it is not possible to have ‘X and X’ without ‘X or X.’

X and X
X or X

Meaning, the diagram is constant. Everything else: variable.

X and-or Y

To make this easier to understand, change X to Y, and, thus, it is not possible to have X and Y without X or Y.


This sums up the humanistic movement called ‘zero’ and-or ‘one.’ (Changing X to Y.) What are we trying to accomplish with crypto-technology and why.

Where one zero and one one is, more technically, the conservation of a circle (any number of zeroes and ones).

Zero (Circumference)
One (Diameter)

Thus, the arithmetic number ‘two’ enters the picture, whether we are aware of it or not, and, whether we understand it, or not.

X is and is not Y

Meaning it is not possible to have negation without duplication. (And, always, vice versa.)


This explains everything in crypto-technology. Why humans are trying to appropriate a computer to accomplish, what humans call, ‘equality.’

Again, because of the aforementioned, it is not possible to have equality without something that is, completely, unequal.

Or, in other words, from Nature’s point of view, equal equals not-equal (again, duplication is an ‘other’ word for negation). (Nature doesn’t break its self into pieces.) (Nature doesn’t use a hash function in order to survive.) Unless you use (and-or ‘see’) the diagram as a universal hash function (that is completely out of (and, therefore, completely under) our control).

Negation (Duplication)

Meaning ‘yes’ is half-the-time ‘no.’ (Pi is the only observer.)


Continual (and Perpetual) Tokenization

Therefore, it’s impossible (and, therefore, certain) to accomplish what humans are trying to accomplish, and, underneath it all, humans, all of us, ‘know’ this.

Thus the emphasis on zero and-or one, and the use of zero and-or one, to tokenize ‘reality.’

No matter the human’s definition of ‘reality.’


Thus, the diagram is the only ‘real’ definition (and-or explanation) (think: token) for ‘reality.’ More correctly, the tokenization of ‘reality.’


Concrete Abstractions

Crypto-technology is a concrete abstraction for the perpetual interreaction (circular-linear relationship) of Nature and its constituents, whether or not these constituents (and Nature its ‘self’) is labeled zero and-or one (in any combination) (for any length of time).

Thus the crypto world of block and chain is similar to the prison world called block and tackle (any game). Self-referential recursion is, by Nature, quantum entanglement.

Self Referential Recursion
Quantum Entanglement

All ‘games’ articulate the conservation of a circle (all games conserve a circle) and this is not all that difficult to understand. However you need the diagram to understand it.

Humans are engaged by, and, entangled with, and, therefore, always in, a circular-linear relationship with Nature (and each other) so any ‘game’ will do.

Conservation of a Circle

Turn it into an NFT (a non-fungible-token) which is, perpetually, a fungible token (everything changes, even though nothing is changing).


Taking us, naturally to the world of P and NP (completeness theorems):

NP (P)

Where, in any combination, it is not possible to have N without P (X without Y) (0 without 1) because it is not possible to have a circumference without a diameter:

Circumference (One Zero)
Diameter (One One)

Rendering the manifold useless.


Thought leaders in physics and philosophy are coming to this conclusion.

Psychologists (and all the rest of ‘us’) (including, and especially, government leaders, and intellectual anarchists) are soon to follow.

The rest? Superfluous.

Conservation of the Circle is the only (and, thus, the core) dynamic in Nature. Meaning, the opposite of everything is, also, true. Technically, everything is half-the-time, true. Where, from reality’s point of view, half-the-time is all-the-time.

Why we are hell-bent on achieving ‘equality’ with crypto-technology. And, more important, ‘how’ ‘we’ intend to do this.

Amazon.com: Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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