What Your Family Relationships Tell Everyone About You

If you can get along with others… or not…

Circular relationship: individual and group.

To understand family, in a general sense, we can think about our family. How it functions. How it affects, and determines, the relationship(s) of its members. How it affects, and determines, the behavior of its members (all of us).

The family originates the argument. And, also, the resolution of the argument. There is a circular relationship between the family and the argument. This holds true in physics, psychology and philosophy. Biology, technology, finance. Politics and media. The circular relationship of the family and the argument (the basic structure of a program) (in technology).

The family is, actually, a metaphor for nature. A metaphor for reality. A metaphor for technology (a metaphor for everything). This is because there is a mandatory circular relationship between an individual and a group (family members, and family).

The circular relationships among family members determines everything. Because the conservation of a circle determines everything. This includes, most naturally, assumption, and choice.

Families begin (and end) with a father and a mother. Everyone, eventually plays both roles. Because everyone is dominant, and, submissive, male, and female, inside and outside, 50–50. This is because a circle has two family members, a circle and a line (also known as zero and one) (circumference and diameter) (literal and figurative) (virtual and real).

This forms the structure, and the foundation, for everything (a zero and a one) (life and death) (survival and reproduction).

The oldest child repeats behavior of the father, and defends behavior of the mother. The second child repeats behavior of the mother, and defends behavior of the father. This is basic X and Y, the repetition, and defense, of zero and its one.

So, as the individual develops, he-she-it negotiates the circular relationship (becomes a circle) (literally) (and, figuratively). This is the basis for the metaphor. Mathematics. And physics. Also, technology, biology, and finance.

Your interaction with your family is reproduced in nature, in your personal relationships, and in your professional life.

And this is where we are today. Families of data. Interacting with each other. Coming from a family. Going to a new family. Regenerating a family of our own. Family as a metaphor for everything.

There is a circular relationship between a family and a group. This is basic coding. Programming. Data. Science. Also, psychology. And, philosophy. Economic cycles. History. Politics. And media. All based on a zero. And a one. You are. Both. A zero. And, a one. (You can, and will, use any strategy, you need, to survive, and reproduce.) Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.