When It Comes to Finance

Technology is in control.

Finance and technology (zero and one).

When it comes to finance, people living, and working, in Silicon Valley, or for Silicon Valley companies, have an edge. Why so many people want to move there. Or, why so many people are paying so much money to move, and live, there, right now.

This is because technology is in control of finance right now. Technologists, would-be,-or actual, understand this. And so do all people under the age of 25.

This means finance will change significantly over the next forty years, the working lifespan of a millennial. The millennial will be responsible for this change. The change that will start with a deeper understanding of the zero and the one, in both finance, and technology.

Zero and one as circumference and diameter. Binary and decimal. Finance and technology. Technology and finance.

Deep learning, machine intelligence, AI, these are fields where abstract thinkers have an edge. They work with computer languages, and, so, they will be the first to take apart the internal workings of a language, or symbolic representation. Zero and one represents any X and-or Y. The most basic string.

A string comes down to the conservation of a circle, so if you are reading this, you have an edge, and you are ahead, in both technology, and financial circles. Circle as a noun. And circle as a verb. Circle as the only dynamic in life, technological, and-or financial.

Zero and one is X and Y, circumference and diameter, virtual and real. And this explains everything, and does away with all superfluous thought, including finance, as we know it, universes, as we know them, and the so-called hidden mystery of the mind-body relationship. All of this goes away.

Technology has already impacted every discipline. The next forty years will see dramatic changes in how technology takes over life. Thought included. and, thought, especially. Literally. And figuratively. Finance. And, technology.

So, you are in the right place, if you want to get it right, before others.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.