Where Does Exponential Growth Come From?

It’s not the network.

Conservation of the circle.

Exponential growth comes from the conservation of a circle. Which is the basis for mathematics (and technology). Zero and one are circumference and diameter, nothing more or less.

This means the number two is constant (50–50 is the norm).

So, exponential is arbitrary. It comes and goes, and is not stable. Whatever is growing exponentially in one direction, is creative destruction in the other direction, with the exact, same, exponential force.

This explains what is going on in technology, right now. Everyone is searching for that ‘next something’ that will give us ‘exponential growth.’ When we are overloaded, at the moment, with the exponential growth we already have (that started about sixty-five years ago) (right after WWII).

You could argue, yin and yang, zero and one, you can’t cut it off at WWII. It goes back much farther than that (if you believe in a sequential explanation for history) (or physics).

Anything based on time is in question, right now, however, because technology has proven, everything we thought we knew, yesterday, is, totally, disproven today. So, balance sheets and income statements are not delivering the true information about any company, and venture capitalists (vulture capitalists, too) are pouring through scores of people to see if they can ‘pick’ the next winner (much like the Kentucky Derby). All are hoping they will hit the Triple Crown, with a winning trifecta ticket in the ‘til.

Which is why it’s a great time for idea-people, technologists, and risk-takers, right now. (Not telling you anything you don’t already know, except trifecta, maybe.)

Like musical chairs. There will be one winner. And, lots of losers. Venture capitalists do not care. They know the one winner will make all the losers worthwhile. One winner. Lots of winners. Different scales. That’s all.

There is a much bigger number supporting energy, than mass. (Speed of light is divided by mass, multiplied by energy). So, Silicon Valley (and technology-driven-cities) have all the ‘energy’ right now. They know all about the trifecta.

It is fun to watch. Having everything to do with exponential growth. Having nothing to do with exponential growth (even the losers win something) (experience) (cash for a certain period of time) (wisdom, for sure).

In both directions, and in all situations, and circumstances, conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. Making everything worthwhile. No matter what happens. Either way. It’s all balanced. 50–50. You get this. Hopefully. Your chances are either a lot better than you think, or, a lot worse. It all depends on how you interpret 50–50.