Who Has the Most to Lose (or Gain) from the Circular Theory?

Anyone in Hollywood (or anywhere else) that owns real estate worth $1M or more.

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What is the value of a Hollywood home? Is it $1M or more? How do we know the ‘true value’ (or, more important, the absolute value) of the home?

True Value

Value is an arbitrary measure. Obviously. All of us know this.

Yet we engage with ‘value’ in a haphazard way. We buy something believing its value will ‘hold’ or ‘appreciate,’ over time.


So, this is why anyone in Hollywood who owns real estate worth $1M or more has the most to lose (or gain) from the Circular Theory.

This is because the absolute value of everything is an uber-simple circle.

Absolute Value

The conservation of a circle to be, technically, and, realistically, correct. And you have to understand this, fully, before you, haphazardly, assign a value to anything (especially your home).

Conservation of a Circle

You need a buyer and a seller for any financial (real estate) transaction.

Buyer and Seller

The buyer and seller are ‘zero’ and ‘one’. Circumference and diameter on an uber-simple circle. Which means both zero and one have no absolute value. Or, concurrently, zero and-or one ($1) ($10) ($100) is the absolute value of any asset.

Technically, then, zero is the absolute value of any asset, because an asset shares a circular relationship with a liability. So, all assets are, concurrently, liabilities.

Where zero is, technically, the circumference of a circle. Meaning, no buyer, no value.

Any real estate owner (or realtor) knows this.

Asset and Liability

This means anyone who holds assets (that are, technically, liabilities) depends on the ‘circle of time.’ That is, asset-holders believe, all of them, that time will maintain or increase the value of their asset. Explaining stock markets all over the world.

Maintain or Increase (Value)

Arithmetic Value

That is, we believe, all of us, in arithmetic, where ‘one’ plus ‘one’ is ‘two.’ When we know, all of us, that ‘one’ plus ‘one’ is ‘one.’

One and Two (One or Two)

So, this is where it starts to get interesting. We believe many things that are completely untrue. All of us.

True and Untrue

So, if you can point this out to people in general, the fact an uber-simple circle has, and maintains, control, you can monetize time, and increase the value of your assets, whatever they are.

Time Value

It’s the monetization of time that keeps everything going. Without a complete understanding of time, where it comes from, and how it values its ‘self,’ you are, and we are, all of us, gambling with Nature.

Half of us already know(s) this. The other half? Not so much. Not at all. So, this is the true value (the necessity and benefit) of the Circular Theory (monetizing the Circular Theory) (staying focused on the monetization of time).


Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature, and, therefore, dictates the monetization of time. Who, what, when, where, how, why, monetization operates, maintains its ‘self,’ assigns value, and benefits, to those who understand, and act on, it.

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