Why Astrology Works. And Why it Doesn’t.

Why quantum physics works. And why it doesn’t. It’s all about fusion guitar. Physical and philosophical fusion.

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If you play guitar, you know a guitar is made up of strings and frets. This is because music is made up of intervals. Technically, half-steps, which turn into whole steps, and back again.


Meaning if you change the length of a string by holding it down over a moving fret (move your fingers from fret to fret and from string to string) you are changing the oscillation (or vibration) (physically, the length) of the string, and, thus, its sound. Everything in Nature depends on this dynamic:


Fusion guitar (all of music, actually) depends upon the movement of a string, and so does physics (and chemistry) (and astrology). Where a string is a constant yin and yang (ancient), zero and one (modern), female and male (sex), minor and major (music). A string, is, more basically, a line, diameter and circumference of (the tokenization of) a circle (again, a simple oscillation).

So, obviously, astrology is based on (and, therefore, influences) sex is based on (and, therefore, influences) chemistry is based on (and, therefore, influences) physics is based on (and, therefore, influences) biology is based on (and, therefore, influences) mathematics (is based on, and, therefore, influences) (complementary identity) (an uber-simple circle).

Where any ‘X’ is, and is ’not,’ ‘X,’ at the same time (all points on a circle are, technically, the same point) (all humans, are, technically, the same human) (from a circle’s point of view, 3 o’clock is 6 o’clock, and, also, 12 o’clock, noon and-or midnight, and, also, then, 9 o’clock) (everything in Nature looks (to Nature) like this:

X (Not-X) (3–6–9–12)

From Nature’s point of view everything (noun and-or verb) resolves to, and, thus, revolves around, this diagram (explaining why we are, all of us, in synch with our ‘metaverse’ (the metaverse) half-the-time, and, the other half, not-so-much (not-at-all)):

Complementary Identity (Yin and Yang) (Circumference and Diameter) (Half and Whole) (The ‘Metaverse’)

So, this explains why astrology works. And why it doesn’t. It also explains why (and how) quantum physics (and fusion guitar) works. And why (and how) it doesn’t.

The basis, or technical name, for a metaverse (a human mind) (Nature in general) (‘reality’ in general) is ‘pi.’

This explains (and is one simple example of) why, if you want to be happy you choose major chords (and-or modes) in music (and happy lyrics) and if you want to be sad you choose minor chords (and-or modes) in music (and sad or melancholic lyrics). Where the difference between a major and a minor chord is one interval (a half-step) (the diagram).

Why half of the astrological signs are, naturally, ‘happy,’ and the other half, naturally, not-so-much (melancholy at best) (why we’re all 50–50, happy-sad, no matter the ‘sign’) (everything is a mathematical metaphor for the diagram) (an uber-simple, always-conserved, circle). Why, when we ‘hear music,’ we move to its ‘beat.’

Nature’s ‘Beat’


So, it doesn’t matter the discipline, everything in Nature depends on X and X, and the circumference and diameter between them, holding them together, and keeping them (or forcing them) apart. Explaining ‘spin’ theories in physics, the half-spin in both physics and music, and the astrological ‘clock’ that describes (or doesn’t) human behavior.

Astrological Clock
Circle of Fifths

So, if you are a fusion guitarist, or, even if you just like, or love, fusion guitar (or fusion jazz) (or fusion or heavy metal rock) (or rock or pop music in general) (or anything that’s rapped), you completely understand this.

Meaning, everything changes, because, underneath it all, nothing is changing (which is what the diagram is ‘saying…’) (a beat and, also a note, and, also a chord, and, therefore, any metaphorical ‘point’ in any metaverse) (it all depends upon, and is, completely controlled, then, by a circle).

That is as you move from X to X in any system you have created the diagram above (and below) (where above and below, like any X and X, or X and Y, conserve, and thus, articulate (are bound by), the conservation (and-or the tokenization) of a circle).

Conservation of a Circle


Where astrology is an ancient clock, an ancient way of discussing cyclical and seasonal behavior, where every point on an astrological circle is, and isn’t, the same point. Just like every point on a keyboard (or a guitar fingerboard) is the same (and different) point (from a circular-linear point of view)

Again, this diagram is the only thing that explains (and shows) (and proves) this properly:

So, this is what causes all arguments. What is beneath all games. Why we have winners and losers in all systems (not just the NFL). Why the winner leaves with a happy face (a half-circle) and the loser leaves with a sad face (a half-circle). And why we keep on playing games, articulating circles, listening to music (fusion guitar, maybe), trying to figure out quantum physics, trying to understand, and manipulate (appropriate), chemistry, and why the answer to every question (and the solution to every argument) is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

Yes and No
Yes or No

The Reality Behind Reality (All Systems and Disciplines)

Why astrology works. And why it doesn’t. Why clocks work. And why they don’t. Why music moves us. And why, technically, it doesn’t (a circle is tying everything together) (turning everything into the diagram).

Meaning it’s impossible to have X ‘or’ X without X ‘and’ X. Two is the most basic number (the only number, technically) (the constant) in Nature. Explaining why astrology (complementary opposition) works, and, also, why it doesn’t (negation in all systems is dependent on the number ‘two’) (explaining diversity, multiplicity, and duplicity) (complexity in general).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. Why we can use any metaverse (music) (physics) (astrology) (the NFL) to experience (and engage with) ‘reality.’ All systems articulate (and, thus, tokenize) (depend upon) a circle.


Readers are reminded that this material is copyrighted Ilexa Yardley all rights reserved.

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