The Virtual Intelligence of Cinderella: The Narrative Behind the Narrative

How fairy tales impact our philosophy on life. And, the psychology behind our behavior.


No matter where we live, or, what our circumstance, Cinderella tells a universal story. Virtual intelligence (zero and one) is hidden beneath the structure of the narrative. (The narrative behind all narrative.)

So, here’s the virtual intelligence (the hidden structure) (the narrative behind the narrative) of Cinderella.

An evil step-mother, two ugly sisters, and, a shoe that ‘doesn’t fit. (A zero.)

A handsome prince. A pumpkin coach. And, an ethereal ball. (A one.)

A clock. At midnight. (One turns into zero.)

Everything goes back to normal. (Zero turns into one.)

Things can, always, get better. (Prince can find us.) (If zero, then one.)

Things can, always, get worse. (Prince can forget us.) (If one, then zero.)

Our dreams hold the key. (If one, then two.)

Nature is just waiting. To deliver. (If two, then one.)

The clock strikes midnight. We lose a shoe. (One is two.)

The shoe does, and doesn’t, fit. (Two is one.)

The prince finds us. (Zero is one, and, one is two.)

(We find ourselves.) (Two gets us back to zero.)

(Circumference has to have a diameter.) (We figure out, everything circles).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.