Why The Circular Theory Explains Everything

Zero and one is X and Y, diameter and circumference of, a circle.

There is a hidden circle between me and you (observer and observation), and, this explains everything. We are taught not to use circular reasoning, although this teaching, itself, is circular, because it contains the word ‘not.’ That is, is, and, is-not, share a circle, thus equal is, half-the-time, not-equal.

Again, this explains everything. (You will, probably, have to think about it some.) (It will have to think about you, some.)

In physics, we have what is called ‘the quantum zeno effect’ which, roughly, means, a state is dependent on an alternate state. This means two (not-one) is the basic number in nature, and this is very easy to observe (male and female, X and Y, Y and N, T and F, etc).

Thus, two, then, is the basic structure of nature and we see this, clearly, in seasonal (cyclical) behavior. In fact, a basic circuit (switch) is based on a two-state system. So, if a two-state system is basic, how can we use this to understand circularity as the basis for everything?

You can visualize a universal ‘link’ as the diameter of a circle. Meaning, X is linked to X (any X) by a hidden (or imaginary) line, which has to be both diameter and circumference of a circle. Voila! You have just collapsed the universe into one circle.

So, how did you do this? Again, this is very easy (maybe too easy) to figure out. Mind and matter share the ubiquitous (hidden) circle, thus, the mathematical name for mind (and matter) has to be PI.

Therefore, pi (mind) (also, known, in some systems as Nature, God, higher power, ‘reality’) connects everything to everything (so within us, in the place we call ‘mind,’ we are connected to everything) (and everything is connected to ‘us’).

So, if you try to discuss mind with anyone, you will end up with a circular argument, and, you will, as you already know, get nowhere, because mind is indiscernible (and unexplainable), and this explains why religions came to be, and, why they still exist.

It also explains why mathematics, and technology, is our current ‘religion.’ Zero and one is X and Y, the conservation of the circle, thus circularity (circuitry) controls everything, and you can use this as a strategic (thought) weapon.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. Controlling everything. Especially mind, sharing a circle with matter. Known in technology as virtual. Reality.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.



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