Why Everything in Physics has to be Re-Thought

Ilexa Yardley
Jan 11 · 4 min read

It’s all about the circle. Incorrect assumptions we are all ‘taught’ and, therefore, we all believe and use. How Nature ‘tricks’ us.

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What happens if the whole history of mankind is articulated using an incorrect assumption?

It means we have to rethink everything we ‘think’ we ‘know’ in physics.

That is, the conservation of a circle, or, to be more succinct, an uber-simple circle, is the only dynamic in physics (and the reason we can ignore, if we want to, the whole history of mankind).

Conservation of a Circle

Circular thinking, and-or, circular reasoning, are ‘taught’ (or ‘thought’) to be illogical.

But this idea, itself, is illogical, since there is a circle between ‘logical’ and ‘illogical,’ nullifying them both.

Logical and Illogical

This explains why there are, always, arguments, about what’s logical (or, more important, maybe, illogical).

That is, from a circle’s point of view, and, therefore, from ‘Nature’s’ point of view, ‘logical’ is ‘illogical,’ and, always, vice versa.

Meaning, you have to think more deeply about the conservation of a circle (an uber-simple circle, in general) (and, perhaps, more important, specific). That is, there is, also, a circle between general and specific, meaning you need both to have either.

Deeper thinking reveals there is a circle between any X and Y. Which means, technically, X andY is X and X. Proving, technically, there is no such thing as X and X’.

X and X

This is because negation is a form of duplication, where, again you need both to have either.

Negation (Duplication)

So, even though we learn both duplication and negation as strategies for engaging with the world (Nature in general), these are, also, technically, nebulous, and, also, fallacious, concepts.

Conservation of a circle is the basis for everything. It produces, obviously, the cycle and the circuit. Meaning a cycle and a circuit are both uber-simple circles.


Therefore, it, also, produces (is necessary for) a switch.

Switch (On and Off) (On or Off)

So, we have to rethink everything we think we ‘know…’ in both physics and mathematics (everything in general).

This is because we use a circumference to define a circle and this is incorrect.

You cannot draw a circumference without, also, drawing a diameter. So, this is the only diagram that correctly articulates a circumference and a diameter:

Circumference and Diameter

Where you need both to have either. Meaning it is impossible to have a circle without a line, and, always vice versa.

But the circle and the line can only be articulated by this diagram.

Circle and Line (Circle or Line)

This means the numbers one and two articulate a circle (as do all the other numbers) (and all of the operations and functions in mathematics).

One and Two (One or Two)

It also means this diagram articulates an idea in any discipline.


Because an idea shares a circular relationship with some kind of, what a human labels, ‘reality.’ Meaning ‘reality’ no matter how you describe it, articulates, and must conserve, an uber-simple circle.


So, this is why everything in physics (and mathematics) has to be re-considered. Re-thought. Everything in physics (and mathematics) (all disciplines) can (only) be articulated by this diagram:

So, this means Nature ‘tricks’ us by allowing us to make (serious) mistakes in our thinking. Meaning, we can ‘correct’ this, now, if we want to.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, and, therefore, the most important, dynamic in Nature.

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The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.