Why Everything You Say is (Min-Max) Half-True

X and Y conserve a circle, so 50–50 is the constant, and 50–50 is the norm.

50–50 is the constant.

50–50 is the constant, and 50–50 is the norm (because X and Y conserve a circle) (all disciplines).

Therefore, everything is, at-least, and at-most, half true. The uber-basic number (the only natural number) is two. (Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is mandatory.)

Without a hidden circle, nothing could move, and there would be no such thing as an opinion (perspective, point of view) (fact) (observer) (observation). Linearity is dependent on circularity, and vice versa (two is dependent on one, and vice versa). (Absolute zero is perpetual motion.) The constant is a variable. (The law of least resistance.)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.