Why Hubris is the Most Essential (and Dangerous) Dynamic in Nature

Survival and reproduction (the conservation of identity) conserve a mandatory circle.

X and X’ conserve a circle.

X and X’ conserve a circle, thus we survive to reproduce, and we reproduce to survive. Meaning, complementarity is the basis for identity, all species, disciplines (any unit). Two is the natural (only) number (duplicity is the basis for a unit).

The conservation of identity, then, is more accurately articulated, conservation of a circle, giving us me and my (me, myself and I) (id, ego, superego) (supra-ego). Complementarity (conservation) and symmetry.

Therefore, hubris is essential (and, therefore, dangerous). Nature forces us to under-estimate the complement (X and Y is zero and one, fifty-fifty everything.) (Meaning, the enemy is constant.) (The enemy is within.) (It’s all about us, even though, it’s never about us.)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.