Why It’s So Important to Disconnect

Noise is all around us.

We could say, in circular reality, noise is pi (noise is all around us). This means we never disconnect, totally (since mind and pi are the same event).

So, this explains why ancient gurus suggested meditation (and medication) (herbal tonics). And, also, detachment. A (moving) line is the diameter of a circle.

Understanding pi as the connector (and controller) of everything (the dimensionless coupling constant) (the mathematical proof for intelligence within nature) (a universal concept for absolute identity) (absolute intelligence) (etc.) makes us realize we are carrying around something very important in our heads (and it’s not our brain). (It’s the space around our brain.)

Mind is the circular (self-referential) connection to our self (and all the other selves). This means it is very important to disconnect (to rebalance) (get our bearings) (listen to what intuition tells us) (listen to what we are trying to tell ourselves) (listen to universal intelligence give us a head-start) (follow our own ethical and moral advice) (avoid conflict) (remember we are always safe) . We’re not going anywhere.

We already are, where we are thinking, we might like to go. Nature has us covered. 50–50 is a safe and certain home base (it is a circular reality) Steady. Still.