Why Mathematics Can Never ‘Explain’ Reality

Well, for one thing, as everybody knows, there is no ‘Reality.’

We use mathematics to understand (and get to) ‘space.’ That is space and time share an always-conserved ‘circle.’ Meaning, the conservation of a circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic, in Nature.

This means, technically, there is no ‘reality.’ As you already know. You make your own ‘reality’ by how you decide to interact with (interpret) (represent) reality. Meaning whatever you ‘think’ is ‘true’ is, half-the-time (thus, from your point of view, all-the-time), ‘true.’

This is because ‘true’ and ‘false’ like ‘time’ and ‘space’ articulates ‘your version of’ ‘reality.’

However, we can be sure, ‘reality’ views its ‘self’ like this (true and false cancel each other out)(as do time and space)(because these tokens (for Nature) (and reality) are, more technically, circumference and diameter):

Half is Half-the-Time Whole

Meaning, any X and Y (X and X) defines ‘reality’ half-the-time because it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter (a half without a whole). (Thus, the conditional statement (if-then), and, also, the equal sign, must fail half-the-time.) (X and Y is X and X, thus, X and Y is-not X and X).

This proves you cannot use ‘mathematics’ (technically, you cannot use any ‘language’) to ‘understand’ reality. You have to just accept the fact that the number ‘two’ is the only ‘number’ in Nature. Meaning the numbers ‘zero,’ ‘one,’ and ‘two,’ articulate each other (one, two, and three) (producing a 50–50, constantly conserved, universally relative, completely tokenized, reality).

Now, you can notice, I am ‘telling you a story’ (establishing a ‘narrative’) about ‘reality.’ Which you can decide to ‘accept.’ Or, not.

That is, negation is a form of duplication (per the diagram).

Notice the diagram is constant while reality is changing (the words describing ‘reality’ are changing). This is because the ‘constant’ in ‘reality’ is a ‘variable.’

The Core Narrative (Assumption) in Nature

(Everything changes. Even though nothing is changing.) (Any variable is, technically, represented by the diagram (the token) below.)

Meaning, technically, the diagram is the ‘cosmological constant.’

Explaining the confusion caused by ‘observation.’

Meaning Nature tokenizes its ‘self’ using the circular relationship between an individual (one) and a group (two.)

Proving: forget about mathematics. Mathematics, like everything else, is the simple act of ‘tokenization,’ the tokenization of ‘Nature.’ (The conservation of a circle.)

Argumentative Entanglement (Relative Reality) (Universal Relativity) (The ‘Self’)

Thus, every ‘narrative’ is a tokenization of Nature (explaining arguments, opposition, and relativity), the subjective entanglement we all experience with (and by) Nature.

Why we all use ‘magical’ thinking to cope with what we’re experiencing as ‘Nature.’

Therefore, it’s best to ‘spend’ your ‘time’ thinking carefully about ‘tokenization.’ Since Nature uses you to tokenize its ‘self.’ And you use Nature to tokenize your ‘self’ (everything you do tokenizes Nature).

Where your ‘self’ and ‘Nature’s ‘self’’ is the same (tokenized) ‘self.’ Meaning the only ‘self’ in Nature is the diagram:

Where your mind (and Nature’s mind) is the great ‘tokenizer’ called, in mathematics, ‘pi.’

Pi Tokenizes Everything in Reality (Explaining the Human Mind)

Meaning everything conserves a circle. No matter how, when, why, where, or by whom, it is observed, and-or, tokenized.

Explaining the ‘appreciating’ interest in fungible and non-fungible tokens (at the heart of global financial systems).

And the importance (uniqueness) of The Circular Theory token (where reality and relativity are the same) (the circular-linear relationship):

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic i n Nature. Explaining fundamentality, universals, the ‘self,’ negation, duplication, representation, identity, tokenization, reality, relativity, general and specific (universal). (Relative Representational Reality) (Realistic Representational Relativity). (Token(ized) Identity).

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