Why Pay? Everything’s Free

Technology has impacted everything. In a good way. In a bad way.

Thinking it through. Living on less. Saving instead of spending.

If you are paying for a media service, it’s because, well, I’m wondering why, actually. There are so many people out there, writing now, about everything, and, also, so many services, consolidating the writing, you just have to search through headlines to get a feeling for what’s important, and what’s not. It’s somewhat overwhelming, actually (as you already know). But, really, it’s free.

It’s the same in all industries, right now. In a good way. And, in a bad way. On some things, prices are moving up, on others, not-so-much. There are overages in inventory everywhere, and ways to make do with whatever-it-is-you have. Everything circulates, driving prices, down, over time. Proving Conservation of the Circle is more important, or, at least, as important, as the Conservation of Energy theorem (in fact, they come from the same place). Every X and Y conserves a circle.

This means, if you know what you’re doing, there’s not much incentive for getting rich. In fact, for many (half-to-be-exact), there’s no incentive at all. There is absolute wealth, and, then, there’s relative wealth, and, who’s to argue which is better?

For me, I’d take relative wealth, any day. It’s easier to protect. And, freer, in a way. Somewhat more mature. It takes a while to see this. But half-already-see-it. That’s because everything’s 50–50, and, everyone half-gets-this, naturally.

It doesn’t mean, if you are living-on-less, that you can’t pursue dreams, in every area. It means, you have realized, it is futile to chase a rainbow. You’ll figure out what you are supposed to do with your life. Day by day. And you won’t compromise the important stuff. But, again, none of this means you have to change anything, except your perspective.

So, that gets us back to the question (begging the question, really), on everybody’s mind, in one way or another, why pay for anything? When all the good stuff (well, half-of-the-good-stuff, to be exact) is free. Get out the back-pack. Take a trip, while you can. Learn to manage on little, or not-enough, and, voila, you’re there. Where half-of-us already are, and where the other-half would like to be. Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.