Would You Pay $5000 To Upset Every Person in the Universe?

Bitcoin, #MeToo, and CryptoEverything

Crypto-everything. Codes. Decodes. Diodes.

Put yourself in Kim Jong-un’s shoes. Known as ‘leader of the hermit crab nation,’ he has defied the odds and become the ‘number one’-’number two’ power in the universe. I say universe, because, whatever is happening on the earth, is mirrored (happening) in the universe. Crabs move sideways to move forward. All movement articulates the number ‘two.’

The number one and number two are dependent on each other. You can’t have one without the other because complementarity is the basis for identity in any system. In plain English (or Korean) you need one for two (and vice versa). They share a circular relationship. As do any X and-or Y. Meaning, the correct name for complementarity is circularity.

One and Two

Therefore, from the universe’s point of view, there is no number one (or two). Meaning, if one or two, or any other number, pulls the nuclear trigger, there goes the earth (as nature has designed it) (earth is bound to fail) (destroy itself) (re-circulate) (prove there is no such thing as time). Only a simply, and elegantly, conserved circle (zero and one). A two-state system. Here and-or there. Yes and-or no. True and-or false. Alive and-or dead.

This brings us to Bitcoin, #MeToo, and, CryptoEverything.

Let’s start with Bitcoin. Exponential billionaires, from zero to nothing (nothing to everything) in a split second. Everybody wants to know why. And, more important, how. Bitcoin, like Kim Jong-un, has rocketed from hermit crab to master-of-the-universe. Overnight. Taking many young people to billionaire (sovereign wealth) status.

Centralized and DeCentralized

This has rocked financial, and technological, reality. You can’t watch any financial (or news) network without encountering a story about Bitcoin. What it is. How it works. Why it is destined to take over the universe (world, earth) (humans).

Whether you can afford it or not, you want to know about it, because, really, ‘everybody’ wants to know about a financial asset (class) that has moved from nothing to something (big) in so short-a-timeframe. Again, this depends on the assumption big and little (nothing and something) are very different (which may not be true at all).

In a nutshell, Bitcoin changes technological and financial reality from centralized to decentralized. Supposedly. Except, one, small, over-sight. You can’t have decentralized without centralized. They share, like any X and-or Y, a circular relationship. You need duplicity for complementarity. So, despite what proponents are peddling, the whole idea of decentralized processing is not-exactly-what-it-seems.


Why? It depends on encryption-decryption. Basically, a code, and decode, (X and-or Y) again, relationship. Hashtag. Mashing. Hashing. Strings of characters. Zeroes and ones. This means the zero and the one have control (take over the centralized ‘role’).

So, you have to understand the zero and the one, where they come from, what they mean, how they fit into the ‘universe.’ (Of ‘one’s’ ‘two’s’ ‘three’s’). Why the ‘zero’ and the ‘one,’ take control, want control, have control.

One-two-three is pi-diameter-circumference. Nothing more. Or less.

Pi Diameter Circumference (One Two Three)

This takes us to hashtag me-too. Okay. Predator and prey. Victim and victimizer. From the universe’s (circle’s) point of view, 50–50. Nothing more. Or less. You need one for the other. You can say both play both roles. Or not. Depending on your point of view. Or, who you are with. The crowd will play the role of victimizer (and victim) (at the same time).

So. Conservation of the Circle, as the basis point for nature, universes, point-of-view, technological reality, financial reality, biological reality, changes everybody’s point of view. You have to have 50–50 to have any other combination. Meaning, if you think about it carefully, there is no other combination. Everyone’s a victim. And, a victimizer. Of course, half-will-have-to-argue. It is a circle, after all.


Meaning, we are now at the point where crypto is the basis for everything. Code and decode. Where does it come from? The code. And decode. I have already told you. Zero and one is X and Y. Any X. Any Y. Therefore, we’re all playing the role of victim and victimizer, meaning, we’re all hash tags (me) (too). Zeroes and ones. Nothing more. Pi is the correct name for mind (what we use to code, and decode) (X and Y).

Your Mind (Pi)

So, that’s it. Would you pay $5000 to know this? Definitely not. You already know it. Would you pay $5000 to teach it to others? Definitely. Everybody wants to teach everybody else the ‘correct’ point of view. This is where (and how) we get victims and victimizers. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Technology and biology. Kim Jung-un. Billionaires in general.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature. Make the movie. Become a billionaire. Change everybody’s thinking. Or. Not. A circle. Does. Not. Care. But, if you are chasing after Bitcoin, toward, or, away-from, #MeToo, you, do!

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