The Fallacy Called ‘Rich’

Relative vs absolute reality. Everybody is rich.

Relative reality. (Photo by Alex Block)

If you keep trying to be rich, you are never going to be rich. This is easy to establish. And, even, easier, to prove. Rich is relative, and, also, absolute. You cannot have rich without poor, or relative without absolute.

So, even if you are, technically, rich. You are, also, technically, poor. Until you establish, for yourself, and, for everyone else, the circular relationship between rich, and poor (relative, and absolute).

Therefore, you are either rich. Or poor. Completely, independent, of the amount of assets, liabilities, income, and-or expenses, you own. Absolute, or relative.

You have already established your position, concerning more, and less. This establishes your position, concerning rich, and poor. Relative and absolute.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.