Your Integral Relationship to Data

Data drives everything. Are you using it to your advantage?

Your relationship to data.

Step back, for a moment, and think about, how much time you spend, in a day, in an hour, overall, on your relationship to data. A simple zero and a one. You and data.

If people are data, and, that includes your self, then your relationship to data is your only relationship. And, this is, more, than, important. It’s the basis for your survival.

How do you define data? Yes, we understand. A zero and a one.

Where does the zero and one originate? Are you in control of zero and one? Or, are zero and one in control of you?

Zero and one are X and Y. Let’s start there. X and Y are, necessarily, X and X. And, X and X, then, give us X and X’. Meaning, everything, including all the parts of speech, in any language, virtual, and real, is data.

So, human beings are data. Nature revolves around data. And, reality revolves around data.

So, where does data come from? What is data’s motivation? How should we be using data?

Data comes from the circular relationship between X and-or Y. It includes all of nature. And all of reality. A zero and a one are circumference and diameter, explaining everything in physics. Everything in mathematics. And everything in psychology. This includes, most basically, life and death (zero and one).

So, data, and our relationship to data, controls everything, Life as a defense mechanism against death. And death as a defense mechanism against life. Data as a defense mechanism against everything.

Finance, technology, and biology are data dependent. Meaning human survival is data dependent. Intelligence is data dependent. The use of mind, individual and group, is data dependent.

So, technologists have an edge. At the moment. And, we can predict, going forward. Everyone is a technologist. Like it or not. Know it or not. Because data is dependent on humans (as is reality, and nature), just as humans are dependent on data. They share a mandatory circular relationship.

Not only from the human point of view. From the data’s point of view. From a circle’s point of view (zero and one originate, and culminate, as one zero and one one) (circumference and diameter) (separated and joined) (virtual and real). Best to take some time to think about your relationship to data (your understanding of an uber-basic circle).

Conservation or the circle is the core dynamic in nature (origination of and destination for data).