$CIRUS is Launching on MANTRA DAO

With the Cirus community at the core of everything we do, we’re pleased to announce the start of staking with our partners at MANTRA DAO.

$CIRUS Token holders will be able to stake their tokens with MANTRA DAO as of tomorrow!

Here are the details:

When: Thursday October 7th at 12:00 UTC

Type: Naked Staking (Cirus Token only)

Where: https://www.app.mantradao.com

Requirements: Metamask Wallet, Cirus Tokens, ETH for gas fees

Rewards: 30,000 $CIRUS will be distributed for the first month

Fineprint: 8-day unlocking period for unstaking. 2% fee for immediate unstaking.

How: Check out this simple video walkthrough on how to stake with MantraDAO

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Watch our introductory video to find out more or read our project overview.

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Cirus Foundation

Cirus is a simple, yet powerful platform that turns your data into cryptocurrency, using it to open the doors into DeFi and other Web 3.0 earning avenues.