Ever Wonder How Your Data is Handled?

Big Data is confusing — a deep rabbit hole of needlessly complicated terms, vague concepts and huge companies that nobody’s ever heard of. All that is deliberate, of course, and arose from the way the big data industry operates — by taking and selling your data without you really knowing about it — so it’s all a little shady. Even today, in a post-Cambridge Analytica world, the average person will find it really difficult to dig up and understand information on how their data is collected, stored and used. Go ahead….try it. We’ll wait.

So, in the spirit of simplicity, we’ve added a page to our website with a short, simple summary of the important bits on how we handle user data. It covers the majority of the regular questions we get from users, plus a bit more.

Over time, the content of this page will be updated (as we roll out different tools, and upgrade the back-end). Stay tuned for more pages like this that dive into the other important parts of the ecosystem!

We’d love for everyone to read the whitepaper, but they shouldn’t have to, so think of this page as a TLDR for our data handling.

Have a look HERE and enjoy!

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Read our project overview to learn more!

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Cirus Foundation

Cirus is a simple, yet powerful platform that turns your data into cryptocurrency, using it to open the doors into DeFi and other Web 3.0 earning avenues.