UPDATED: FIVE community events not to be missed!

Cirus Pre-Launch Community Drop Events

Community Events Roadmap

UPDATE: BONUS EVENT this Saturday July 10th

“Cirus — the Gateway to Digital Economy”

5 days, over $500 worth of prizes given to 11 lucky Cirus community members, this has been a great week leading up to the Cirus launch. We have been overwhelmed by the community participation in these pre-launch events. And you know what, because of how awesome the Cirus community has been, we’re extending this week’s bonanza with an additional BONUS EVENT.

Yes, those who are dying to one more shot at our prizes, here’s your chance!

So, what’s the story?

Background:We all know that Cirus is the gateway to Digital Economy. The Cirus device itself, powered by the Cirus tokenized economy, serves as a replacement of the standard home router to house a state-of-the-art IoT sensory hub, unlocks user’s data through its collection tool, and realize the value of user’s data through the Cirus Core Platform and dynamic NFT. Ultimately, Cirus will be both the safeguard of the data economy and a decentralized platform to monetize user’s data. With thousands of Cirus devices already deployed, we will see more of Cirus nodes entering into the home and enterprise IoT environment to open up the data economy.

Date: July 10th, Sat

  1. Download the Cirus Device through the link here
  2. Cirus community members take photo of the smart/work IoT devices they want the Cirus device plugged into and place the Cirus device into the photo
  3. Share the edited photo to the Cirus Foundation telegram group
  4. The Cirus Team will select the best 3 use case photos. The 3 winners will receive $25 of prize a piece.

As we approach our much anticipated token generation event (TGE), we want to make the lead-up fun and engaging for our awesome Cirus Community. We loved the community engagement we had with the Sticker Competition a few weeks ago!

This time, we will introduce not one, but FIVE community events, with token rewards prior to our token generation. We call them “Cirus Event Drops.” Here’s how they are going to work:

Venue: Cirus Foundation Community

The five drop events will rotate on a daily basis for two weeks as we lead up to launch… The themes of these events range from Cirus community awareness to project fundamentals, and from product usage to token related memes. These events are:

“Where’s Cirus” — Monday

“Cirus To the Moon”

Background: We’ve all seen and played with the “Where’s Waldo” pictures from back in the day. You would look for Waldo in a huge crowd from top to bottom and left to right. It could be painstaking work, but ultimately you always found those Waldos! It was always fun and rewarding to them all.

Now, we want the same rewarding experience for our Cirus community as you learn more about us. So we are introducing the “Where’s Cirus” event for Cirus Community Members every Monday before our token launch. If you were once a Waldo player, this is your chance to get back at it, and you can earn some Cirus in the meantime!

Dates: July 5th/12th
Submission End Time:11:59 pm UTC

  1. Cirus Team will post the “Where’s Cirus” collage in the main community Telegram group;
  2. Find the Cirus logos & Cirus devices in the pictures and circle them out;
  3. Post the screenshot of the found items in the Telegram group;
  4. The first participant to do so will be rewarded $25 USDT

— -

“Cirus To the Moon” — Tuesday

“Cirus To the Moon”

Background: We all love moon. Every time we see moon in crypto, we get excited. We love memes about it, we love seeing our favorite token on it, and we definitely like getting there. The Cirus community needs the “moon sentiment,” and with your stickers, memes, or any artistic manifestation of moon and Cirus, it’s going to be a lot of fun. There will be token rewards for the best creations.

Dates: July 6th/13th
Submission End Time: Friday July 9th + Friday July 16th 11:59 PM UTC

  1. Create stickers, memes, or posters that reflect the theme “Cirus to the Moon.” With your imagination and talent, Cirus will have the best moon memes in all of crypto.
  2. Share your creation in the Telegram channel (anytime from Tuesday to Friday)
  3. The Cirus Team will select 3 creators to be rewarded with $50USDT

— -

“Cirus Rocks” — Wednesday

Cirus Rocks

Background: We all know Cirus rocks, but why is Cirus so great exactly? It’s the Token, Virtual Cirus and the Physical Hardware that make Cirus great. You know, we know, and we want more people to know. With more people in the know, our fundamentals will rock the crypto space.

Dates: July 7th
Submission EndTime:11:59 pm UTC

  1. Cirus community conducts fundamental and competitive research on Cirus
  2. Post your articles/infographics/social media posts on why Cirus is superior to existing competitors and share it in the Telegram group
  3. Cirus Team will select 3 creators to be rewarded with $50 USDT

— -

“Cirus Pop Quiz” — Thursday

Cirus Pop Quiz

Background: Alert, alert. As we approach the TGE, we’ve got some quizzes for you. Simple short, quiz questions, just enough to keep us on alert for the big event ahead. It’s straightforward, you answer the questions, and if you get lucky, you’ll get some Cirus tokens.

Dates: July 8th
Submission End Time:11:59 pm UTC

  1. Cirus community management team will post the quiz questions in the telegram groups
  2. The first participant to answer the questions correctly to be rewarded with $50USDT.

“$Cirus Price Chart Meme Competition” — Friday

$Cirus Price Chart Meme Competition

Background: If you’ve been in the crypto memespace, the chance is you’ve seen those dragon-like price chart drawings before — what can we say, people get excited over stuff like that and they are fun to look at. We’ll give you some examples and then leave it up to your imagination.

Dates: July 9th
Submission Time:
11:59 pm UTC

  1. Cirus community members are invited to use their imagination to draw what they see $Cirus price chart will look like and post it in the Telegram channel
  2. Cirus Team will select 3 creators to be rewarded with $50 USDT.

📍Events start date: July 5th
📍Last Event date: July 16th

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Watch our introductory video to find out more.

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