Rewinding Back to May

As usual, spring made a late appearance in Canada as we (the Cirus core team) worked away. The chilly weather was an appropriate backdrop for the state of the Crypto market though….

On that note: For anyone who hasn’t experienced a crypto bear market yet, welcome. With the real world becoming even crazier, and having to pay for the last two interesting years, the traditional and crypto markets took a dive, and some weird things started happening. Don’t worry, things will probably get even weirder before they settle down, but we’ll still be here!

In the meantime, we’ve been happily working away on the product build, taking our time to do it right. Our prior experience has shown that bear markets are the best time to build because the noise quiets down and really lets you focus, so we’re taking full advantage. Important bits like server architecture, and each of our microservices are getting a very close inspection to make sure they’ll be ready for primetime….and don’t break under the strain of millions of users….that could be embarrassing.

Cirus’ Very First Hackathon Takes Place

Over in Bangalore, we held the first-ever Cirus Hackathon. Over 80 industry experts, engineers, designers and students took part in the 4-day event. Look out for a full breakdown of the event with more pictures and videos dropping soon. They got a lot done and our co-founder Samartha and his team claimed victory, surprising absolutely no one. He’s very good, but we’re double-checking the numbers just to be sure (just kidding).

All jokes aside, the current state of the world is further solidifying the case for Crypto and Web3. That case could never be fully proven in fair weather, economically speaking. Uncertain times that test the limits of the “old” system will serve to show-off the new capabilities that Web3 brings to the table, and allow them to really shine. In many cases, these new technologies and services were never really needed until now.

Moving Onwards

Drilling down further to our business…. Ad budgets will be tightening, and brands and marketers will be needing to do more with less. The spray-and-pray methods of online advertising (which are a great way to waste money) will become even less attractive. Cirus provides better, user-authorised first party data (which is a big deal in the data world), and is building a platform to bring brands closer to their users without annoying people or wasting money in the process, so it’ll be a good fit.

On the data side, we’re bringing a product that’s even more relevant in the current times, and for our users, we’re making it easier to leverage that data and jump into Web3. The brands also won’t mind being on the “right side” of the data narrative for once.

Upcoming this month: Look out as we manage to capture our co-founder Michael Luckhoo and sit him down for a quick chat / update on Discord. He’s been busy so there’ll be lots to discuss. The rest of us will be in the background, doing our best to stop him from dropping spoilers, but no guarantees!

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Read our project overview to learn more!

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