The Big Picture

Right now, Cirus has a Browser Extension in Beta, staking available, hardware and software in development, and backend pieces being put together. But what will the whole system look like once we’re done? At the end of the day, the core technology (including blockchain) is a means to an end — a tool we can use to build something unique and impactful for our users. Blockchains, NFTs, Browser Extensions, etc. are cool, but what they ultimately enable for the average user is even cooler.

Let’s paint that picture. There are a lot of moving parts, and we’ve already expanded on some of it in detail, but it comes together quite nicely once you take a step back and take it all in.

It starts with basic data monetization — through the Cirus Browser Extension which is already live — Go get it on Chrome and Edge. Seriously, there’s literally no reason not to. This first piece gets you off the ground and BOOM, you’re now earning from your data. Congrats.

The Cirus Browser Extension is simply the first in a suite of tools that will empower users to gain ownership of their data through data collection, management and monetization. It is only step one, and is a small piece of the puzzle.

Enhanced and more varied data collection will come through mobile apps, a dedicated browser, and yes, hardware (The Cirus Device).

More data collection points = more data & different types of data = more valuable data. Read more on this here if you’re interested: The 5 V’s of Big Data. Long story short, better data translates to higher earnings per user.

So, now we have a suite of tools building a valuable data-asset for the user (read the Whitepaper for more about that). Where does that value go?

The Wallet:

Each user gets a Cirus Wallet, available through any of the above tools, and obviously linked together if using multiple tools in the suite.

For many, it will be their first Crypto wallet. The difference here is they don’t have to figure out how to onramp funds through an exchange to buy crypto. They’re already earning Cirus Tokens from their data, and can now springboard into the wonderful world of Web 3. Have you ever tried to teach your aunt how to buy crypto?….enough said. Crypto still has an adoption problem.

Cirus gets users up off the ground, interacting with a crypto ecosystem seamlessly.

Through the gates into Web 3:

Users will be able to swap to other currencies, send value to other users inside or outside the ecosystem, store NFTs — all standard wallet stuff — and plug into Web3 services.

This is a big deal… taking “found money” into yield generating services to grow it over time is a huge opportunity… think Wealthsimple or Robinhood. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Viewing data as an owned asset (rather than a commodity) opens the doors to hybrid financial products and services that could not exist before users owned their data. These products and services are already being built across the Web3 space. A whole new segment is about to take off, and we’ll be right there to plug you into it.

*Shoutout to the millions of people around the world who have access to the internet, but not financial services… see you soon!

Beyond that, there will be various routes for offramping, enabling users to take their found money into other ecosystems (i.e. spend it somewhere else) like gaming, utilities/bills, subscriptions, charities and maybe even a lottery or two (options will vary by location because, reasons).

At the end of the day, Cirus will empower you use your own data to generate value, then take that value anywhere you like:

Some might use data revenue from their entire household to pay their internet bill, or a streaming subscription.

Some users might send tokens to their family overseas to help them out, or to simply get their aunt to start playing with crypto.

Others might use it to buy items or skins in their favourite online game, or offramp to Fiat and buy some ice cream.

And some might use their data asset as a springboard to gain access to financial services and freedoms unavailable anywhere else… all powered by the Cirus Token.

Building stuff takes time, but as the Cirus Ecosystem comes together piece by piece, the whole mosaic will come into view. Your data is more than a commodity: It is, and always has been your asset.

Cirus is here to empower you, and your aunt, to claim that asset and unlock its full potential.

That’s the big picture.

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Read our project overview to learn more!

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Cirus is a simple, yet powerful platform that turns your data into cryptocurrency, using it to open the doors into DeFi and other Web 3.0 earning avenues.