The Cirus Foundation: Empowering The Ownership Economy

The Ownership Economy — Web 3.0 — emerged in response to a lack of freedom, control, and true ownership in the centralized platforms of the financial world and shared economy (Web 2.0). Social media and other peer-to-peer networks dramatically changed how we interact with each other, but they aren’t perfect.

There is friction built into these ecosystems, where value is siphoned from transactions and users are restricted by the rules that govern how they can interact with others on the platforms. By defining the nature, rules and value of every interaction, the platform remains a central figure, imposing itself at every turn. As the platforms evolved, many users have begun to wonder what rights they have, how much is really within their control and what they actually own. You might be using the platform, but it’s not really about you.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology changed that. Decentralized ecosystems are built around the idea of returning freedom and ownership to you, the individual. Not only are there now thousands of cryptocurrencies — you probably noticed — but derivative ideas have exploded in popularity. The success of decentralized exchanges, where users provide liquidity for value exchange, has clearly shown that if you remove the intermediaries, people will fill the gap. This idea is the heart of the Ownership Economy.

“If you remove the intermediaries, people will fill the gap.”

As it turns out, when people have ownership in a system, or “skin in the game”, they have a vested interest in ensuring that system remains stable and profitable. Also clear is that when the intermediaries are removed, value is unlocked for the user. Playing in the Ownership Economy grants the freedom to set your own terms and innovate unimpeded. The platform doesn’t get in the way. The end result? — exponential value creation.

Your datathe collection of your online activities, behaviours and the insights generated from them — is the world’s largest digital commodity. It powers a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s being harvested and monetized, even as you read this, by the platforms of Web 2.0 while you are mostly left out of the value equation.

You don’t own it, even though you created it. It’s time for that to change.

Enter Cirus

The Cirus Foundation believes that individual empowerment is the best way forward and that users can, and should be trusted with the responsibility of ownership. This will ultimately lead to faster innovation, unimpeded value creation and realization of new financial freedoms for those who participate.

Our Mission is to accelerate the Ownership Economy by building an accessible onramp, enabling individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital asset — Data.

This onramp, The Cirus Ecosystem, is a unique three-pronged approach, combining hardware, traditional software and a tokenized network to seamlessly return true ownership of the valuable data-asset to the user and activate multiple value generation streams.

The Cirus Device — A unique piece of hardware that allows you to tap into multiple value generation streams, including data monetization, and acting as a one-step entry point to the Digital Economy, Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance.

The Cirus Platform — A revolutionary combination of traditional software and distributed ledger technology that ties into the Cirus Device to grant you ownership of your data and allow different avenues for monetization.

The Cirus Confluence Network — The Tokenized Network underlying the entire ecosystem, tying all parts together and enabling remittance, authentication and rewards for all users.

Data is the perfect gateway to the Ownership Economy. It can generate real value for you today, but as an asset, it has barely begun to hit its stride. Data will be the first entry point for most, allowing them to transact with Cryptocurrencies, interact with decentralized systems and participate in decentralized finance.

Paired with an accessible onramp to the Digital Economy and the benefits of blockchains, it becomes a seamless system, marching you toward a future where you have ultimate control of your earning, and your assets.

We start today, by giving you the keys to your data, the freedom to decide how it’s used and the tools to participate in the rapidly expanding Ownership Economy.

Cirus: It’s Your Data — Own It.



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Cirus Foundation

Cirus is a simple, yet powerful platform that turns your data into cryptocurrency, using it to open the doors into DeFi and other Web 3.0 earning avenues.