The Evolution of Cirus: Roadmap Update

At Cirus, there are always a bunch of things happening at once, from our hardware integration testing with our first ISP parter D-VoiS, to building out and coding all the various bits of the Cirus Core, to designing and putting the framework together for all of the pieces of the Cirus Ecosystem — including the Cirus Platform. We were steaming ahead with development of Genesis and were about to start final testing in early November when we realized we had the building blocks almost complete for some other core components.

When connected together, these components would allow us to release a functional version of the Cirus Browser Extension quickly, so we said why not? We decided to get this done first, and bring data control and basic monetization to our users right out of the gate. This brings the core Cirus Experience to you from day-one.

As we continue the buildout, adding functionality, new features and other back-end infrastructure, that core experience won’t change. You will own your data from day-one. New features will be added incrementally, as more powerful back-end processing and monetization components are finished and connected. Bigger updates will become anchor releases (Alpha and Everest), and there will be some small surprises added along the way as well.

Work on the Cirus Wallet is still in progress, with a planned release in Q1 2022. When released, each verified user will get their own wallet, and will be able to claim, swap and send their earned tokens.

The Genesis phase of the Cirus Platform, with its planned features, will follow within a few weeks of the Cirus Browser Extension — it’s basically done already — and will be accessible directly, or through the Browser Extension.

The Point:

Cirus’ roadmap has evolved and we’re launching a functional product first, with the core elements of the Cirus experience present from day-one. We’ll be adding and upgrading features incrementally all the way through to the end of the current roadmap.

Why? This is the fastest route to adoption. If we can give users ownership of their data now, we should.

The Updated Roadmap:

Cirus Device Update

We’re still working on completing and integrating the Cirus Device with D-VoiS’s network and are on schedule to integrate it with the Cirus Platform (Everest) near the end of Q2 2022. There are some really great things happening in the background with the Device and we think you’ll love the news when we’re ready to release it, so stay tuned! More updates will follow after our first product launch.

Cirus Foundation Mission — Our mission is to accelerate the ownership economy by building the on-ramp for individuals to own, manage and monetize their largest digital commodity — Data. Watch our introductory video to find out more or read our project overview.

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