Cirus Extension V1.0.5 Update is Live!

Build 1.0.5 of the Cirus Browser Companion (Extension) was pushed today through the Chrome Extension store. No need to re-download, as the extension will automatically update itself. (Build 1.0.4 was the launch version)

Our tech team has been collecting feedback since launch and have been able to track down and fix many of the initial bugs that were reported. In addition to some other minor fixes, V1.0.5 addresses the following:

Bug Fixes in 1.0.5

Most email-related issues at signup have been solved:

  • Some emails not being accepted
  • Some users not receiving confirmation emails
  • Some users not receiving welcome emails

Additional Updates:

  • Changed ‘CIR’ abbreviation to ‘CIRUS’ on the main screen
  • Surf & Earn button visual bug on extension opening fixed. (You wouldn’t believe what had to be done to correct this!)

Some users have reported that they were able to install and run the Cirus Browser Extension on other Chromium-based browsers. Please note that these browsers are not officially supported yet and have not gone through any of our internal testing or QA processes to assess proper functionality. Therefore, we cannot offer technical assistance or discuss functionality for any unsupported browsers or platforms.

On that note, official support and availability for Firefox & Edge is still pending and we’re hoping to have them ready soon.

Changes planned for the next update cycles:

  • Visual UI & UX updates (graphical updates and changes, text fixes etc)
  • Support for more special characters (international keyboards)

There are some other bugs that our team is working on confirming / reproducing as we work with the first few thousand installs. If they are confirmed they’ll be added to the update schedule as well. Please continue to use the support system to file a ticket if you discover any issues while using the extension.

As mentioned previously, major feature additions and updates are also in the works and will be part of larger updates moving forward.

Thanks for your ongoing support!



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