Kansas City: Power & Light & Blue Skies

Two generations of Power & LIght: the district (foreground), and the landmark tower (background).

Reading about Kansas City in today’s Wall Street Journal prompted me to recall my wonderful, albeit too short trip there two years ago.

It was our first stop on a multi-city baseball trip over a long weekend. A lengthy travel delay and early departure time left only one full day in the city. I spent half the day exploring the built form downtown. Different periods of architecture are all still well represented through the city core, blending together in the landscape. In this photo, the landmark Kansas City Power & Light Building is in the background. This Art Deco masterpiece was recently converted to apartments.

This photo was taken from the Power & Light District, a contemporary entertainment district aiming to bring more activity to the downtown. A blue sky with light clouds frames the two Power & Light developments, built 75 years apart.

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