The Wards of the City of London

There are 25 Wards defined hundreds of years ago

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The wards are a remnant of medieval times but still play a number of roles today- both governmental in terms of elected common councillors and Alderman and more symbolic in terms of Ward Clubs and other activities.

The Aldgate Ward Club explains wards as follows

There are 25 Wards (voting districts) within the City. Each elects an Alderman and a number of Commoners to represent them in the Court of Common Council (the City of London’s “town council”). Through our members of the Court of Common Council, we take an active part in the administration of the City.

Below is an alphabetical list of the wards showing the number of common councillors since the changes in 2013. Links take to information about the wards or the Ward Clubs.

Aldersgate 6

Aldgate 5

Bassishaw 2

Billingsgate 2

Bishopsgate 6

Bread Street 2

Bridge and Bridge Without 2

Broad Street 3

Candlewick 2

Castle Baynard 8

Cheap 3

Coleman Street 4

Cordwainer 3

Cornhill 3

Cripplegate 8

Dowgate 2

Farringdon Within 8

Farringdon Without 10

Langbourn 3

Lime Street 4

Portsoken 4

Queenhithe 2

Tower 4

Vintry 2

Walbrook 2

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For links to information about the Ward Clubs go here

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