6 things you can do to kickstart your career this Spring

Kickstarting your career or even just getting a temporary job can feel like a monumental task. Here are 6 tips to make it just that little bit easier.

Make a plan

All the best things start with a plan. Make one. Start with thinking about what sort of job you’re after and then look up what sites tend to feature those jobs. Visit this great resource that will help you understand what jobs are out there and which fit your personality

Get Your Skills Up To Scratch

The Employability Skills Programme will prepare you to make the transition from education to work, exploring all aspects of the selection and recruitment process. These sessions cover the skills that are most valued by recruiters, how you can reflect on these and how to articulate your experiences clearly when talking to employers.

Sort out your CV

Take a good look at your CV. Is it up to date? Is it relevant for the jobs you’re applying for? Your CV should showcase your skills and experiences, both academic and professional, in a way that helps an employer quickly understand your qualifications and ability to succeed in the role they’re offering. Take a look at this video guide and pick up some tips on how to build your CV.

Get mentored

Whatever job you want or industry you’ve set your heart on, there will be people working in it now. Make contact with one of them and see if they can give you any hints and tips. Don’t be pushy though, and if you do find someone willing to help you, be prepared with questions and the right information so you don’t waste their time.

If you’d like more formal mentoring, you can sign up for the City scheme here and you may even win an award like Jessica did.

Find out what the law is

You may want to spread your wings and work in another country. Or you could be an international student who wants to work here. Either way, check out the rules and information you need to know.

Get help from the experts

Head to our careers service and make an appointment with one of our careers advisers. They can help get your CV and cover letters up to scratch and give you some great job hunting advice.

Take the #FirstYear module — in partnership with Pwc

The microlearning module is aimed at first-year undergraduate students to help them make the most of university life and develop employability skills. Get involved!

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