The ultimate university packing list

Take a look at our guide on what to pack for uni, plus get the chance to win a student essentials starter kit

This picture shows everything you need to get started at uni, and new City students can win the lot! Read on for more details…

You’ve got your place at uni and you know where you’ll be living. It’s time to start thinking about what you need to take with you and start shopping.

We’re giving away all the student essentials shown in this picture to one student starting City this September. What a fantastic prize! Keep reading for details on how to enter the competition, in the meantime, here’s our ultimate uni packing list.


Your bedroom will be where you spend a reasonable amount of your time, studying, sleeping or simply escaping for a bit of peace and quiet. Make it nicer by bringing stuff to keep it tidy, and brightening it up with a colourful duvet cover.

Duvet and pillows — bring your own even if your halls provide them

Bedlinen — that’s pillowcases, a duvet cover, fitted sheet and a mattress protector

Teddy bear– go for it. You’re definitely too old, but you won’t be the only one who brings a cuddly friend

Pictures to stick on the wall

White tac — so you don’t mark the walls and get fined

Coat hangers

Hairbrush and hairdryer

Doorstop — wedging open your bedroom door will help you make friends


We probably don’t need to remind you to bring clothes. Hopefully they’re already on your packing list.

Remember to bring casual clothes for during the day, fun evening stuff for going out and things to suit any weather. It might be sunny when you leave for uni, but by the end of term, winter will most definitely have arrived.

Pyjamas and slippers to keep you snug


Sports gear, trainers and gym bag, so you can join CitySport

Waterproof jacket

A sturdy bag or backpack, big enough to carry your books to lectures in

Laundry bin

Clothes drying rack


Toiletries — shampoo, shower gel, soap. Basically anything you use at home to wash with.

Toothpaste and a toothbrush

Toilet roll


Towels — bring more than one so you have a spare when yours is in the wash

First aid kit — including painkillers, plasters, cold and flu remedy, tissues. You WILL get fresher’s flu. Be prepared!

Ensuite? HOW FANCY! Bring a bathmat, a toothbrush holder and a basket to keep your bathroom tidy

Bathroom cleaning products — like toilet duck. If you’re not sure what you need, ask the cleanest person you know.


Remember all this stuff will live in a communal kitchen. If you want to keep track of what’s yours, go for something colourful or distinctive. Have a rummage in a charity shop for cheap kitchen supplies that you can guarantee no one else will have. You need:

A knife, fork, dessert spoon, teaspoons

A big plate and a little plate



Water glass and a wine glass. Don’t be a student cliché — you’re better than drinking wine from a mug.



If even beans on toast is beyond your culinary capabilities, treat yourself to a student cookbook. Jack Monroe is the CHAMPION of budget recipes and has several books.



Serving spoons

Tin opener

Vegetable peeler

Cheese grater

Wooden spoon



Frying pan

Chopping board

Sharp kitchen knife

Baking tray

Food storage containers

Tea towells. Bring a few, they will start to smell weird.

Oven glove

Miscellaneous essentials

An umbrella

Oyster card

Something to play music on


UK travel adaptor — if you’re an international student you might need an adapter to plug in any electrical items you’re bringing from home

Extension leads

Passport photographs


Basically all the same stuff you used for A Levels. That includes:



Stapler and staples




USB sticks

Academic diary/planner

Boring documents

They’re boring, but don’t forget them!


Driving licence

National Insurance number


Bank details and card

Student loan documents

This is a general guide to things you might want to bring with you, but don’t worry — you don’t need to buy it all. Bear in mind that all this will need to fit into one small room. Plus, remember you’re going to uni in London. We have shops here, if you forget something you can buy it after you’ve arrived.


The competition is now closed.