This City Girl Can

The national campaign encouraging women to take part in sports and get active came to City.

The This Girl Can campaign, which was facilitated by CitySport, encouraged City’s female members of staff and students to get involved in sports that they may not have had the opportunity to try.

City Women’s Basketball Team

With 172 female students representing City in competition and 13 female sports teams, classes included introductory sessions in weight lifting, rugby, ‘neon afrobeats’, ‘swing & slam’ and more.

The campaign also offered a chance to celebrate the fact that over the past year, 3,365 women have been able to use CitySport gym for physical activity and exercise.

City Women’s Netball Team

Anne Onwusiri, (MSc, Speech and Language Therapy), who attended the weight lifting class said:

“I have always wanted to learn more about weight lifting, but have been quite afraid to try on my own in the gym, so classes like this are good as I was able to do something new and have fun.

This Girl Can weight lifting session

“It is nice to be around women who encourage sports, as sometimes when you step on a rugby pitch or into a gym it is easy to think that you are not allowed to be there, but doing sport with other women is reassuring and encouraging.

“I am part of the women’s rugby team at City, so I will definitely use what I have learnt at this session to strengthen my game.”

Weight lifting class pose for This Girl Can

Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, City has a host of sports teams that students can join on the Student Hub sports club pages.