Ride your city: snow edition

When you’ve grown watching skateboard and bmx videos, you can’t help seeing anything architects draw as a rideable feature — a particular pleasure of mine during meetings at the office. To the point that skateboarding has actually influenced architecture for good.

Street snowboarding has remained more of a niche, less known to the general public. Yet, with the level of street snowboarding going absolutely mad those last five years, we are seeing a totally new way to ride the city. What I love in street snowboarding is how the riders transform the streets with snow. Being able to build a kicker or a transition almost everywhere has unleashed the imagination of the riders. They ride walls, roofs, dams… you name it.

Jess Kimura and Louif Paradis denifitely are some of those riders who can pull stlylish tricks out of features you wouldn’t even thought to be rideable.

The most urban planners of you might notice that from a design point of view, snowboarders ride much less sexy places than skateboarders do. Snowboarders ride a lot of those almost dead suburban places, when it’s not the large infrastructures. Features most urban planning professional — myself included — would tag “totally unfun”. But are they?

Enjoy your snow season, enjoy your city and have a great 2018 year!

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