The Right Way to Pack

There’s a right way and a wrong way. This is the right way.

by Charlsie Niemiec

In the midst of counting down or planning your next getaway? Whether you’re headed overseas for two weeks, hitting the highway for a road trip to the beach, or planning a staycation at a fancy hotel — we want to make sure you pack like a true jet-setter. These simple tips will up your suitcase game:

Roll, roll, roll your clothes.

If you already aren’t a clothes roller, it’s time you become one. Rolling your clothes takes extra time, yes, but the benefits are worth it. Not only will you be able to fit more clothes in your suitcases (go ahead, throw in that oh-so-cute dress you just bought), but rolling clothes will drastically help reduce wrinkles. The fewer wrinkles on your clothes, the less time you have to spend ironing in a hotel room.

Freshen up your suitcase.

Whether you’re carrying a giant suitcase with four wheels or a small duffle bag, keep things fresh by making your bag smell like a fresh load of clean laundry (the best, right?). Throw in a dryer sheet or two and let the fresh smell waft throughout your bag. Not only will it make your bag smell good, but it will keep your clothes feeling fresh — just like they came out of the dryer. Add an extra couple dryer sheets, so you can toss them into your dirty clothes pile when you’re traveling home.

Reusable bags are your friend.

Sure, you may be going on vacation with your best friend but you must make any and all reusable bags your other bestie if you want a spill-proof vacation. Put all your liquids in a separate enclosed bag of your choice (and seal it tight), so if a spill happens — you don’t have sunscreen covering your underwear and foundation makeup splattered on your favorite little black dress.

Don’t forget a shower cap.

Yes, shower caps are great for the shower but we have an even better idea for them: putting your traveling shoes with the bottoms facing into the shower cap. Why do this? First, your feet get around… so this prevents spreading the bottom of your shoes rubbing against your clean vacation clothes. Also, shower caps have the ability to tighten around shoes, so you know the dirty bottoms of your favorite sneakers won’t contaminate the rest of your precious belongings.

Pack a pillowcase.

Whether you’re on a super sweaty beach vacation or hiking up a frosty mountain, your clothes are going to get dirty. Bring an extra pillowcase (you know you have a spare in your linen closet somewhere) so you can easily toss your dirty underwear, socks, t-shirts, bathing suits, and delicates in a designated space. Your 2ULaundry bags also make exceptional laundry bags because once you get home, half the job of preparing your pickup is already done. When packing to go home, throw in one of those dryer sheets we talked about voila — you’ve got at least a fresh smelling dirty laundry bag.

There are lots of reasons to become a packing pro, but making sure your clothing is cared for every step of the way is always our top priority at 2ULaundry. Wherever your summer travels take you, make sure to follow these tips (the shower cap is the ultimate hack) so that your suitcase or duffle bag is in shape for a successful getaway.