Give Yourself Permission To Be A Kid Again

I strongly believe that most of us start our lives by being a carefree kid.

Then we learn how the ‘real world works’ and we have to ‘get serious’. And then once we become an adult we spend the rest of our lives trying to learn how to become a kid again.

  • Being a kid means you have the freedom to play.
  • Being a kid means you get to try new things without worrying if you fail.
  • Being a kid means doing ‘weird’ things because you want too.

The thing with being a kid is it is so much more fun!

To a kid life is not this serious test where everything is something you either do right or you do wrong. To a kid things just are; they aren’t good or bad.

To an adult the world is a scary place where you need to do everything right otherwise people laugh at you, you don’t make enough money and you spend lots of time regretting things.

But to a kid the world is your playground. Money is just like sand. You use it to build things but it doesn’t mean a thing. In a playground you can do anything; you can’t get it wrong.

To a kid there is no such thing as ‘work’. All there is, is play. If you love to write then your form of play might be learning about storytelling, watching movies, reading books.

If you love business then your form of play might be brainstorming in groups, interviewing customers, creating educational products.

It doesn’t matter what you do. If you become a kid again then how you play becomes what you do.

Become a kid again and the world becomes your sandbox.

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