What should the Better Humans tagline be?

Sometimes tag lines are easy. For example, one reason I really like our Moneyball project is because the tagline was easy to come up with and helped guide the product design: “Make more money on Medium.” Easy and clear.

Right now on Better Humans we say something about trustworthy self improvement. First, if you have to say trusthworthy, then maybe that’s a problem.

But it’s also the classic trap of leading with your features rather than your value. The trap is to tell people what you do rather than who you do it for and why it would matter to them. So, yes, what we do is run an editorial process that is optimized for producing advice that you could trust, both by triple checking the advice and also by narrowing the promise of that advice down to just where we are most confident it will work.

But who wants that and why? I struggle with this in self improvement because my own personal interest is so broad. I’ll learn about anyone doing anything. So I always resist narrowing down the topics we cover.

And that leaves the “for who.” This is actually a tiny bit easier because I at least have some ideas about who we aren’t for.

We’re not for people looking for a quick fix. I don’t believe those exist. We’re not for selfish people either. There’s more to being a Better Human than just being rich and powerful. To what end do you want those things? You have to believe there is a higher purpose.

So, who believes in a higher purpose and also is ready to do work and also wants to read in depth articles?

I keep coming back to the word curious. It’s a word that some people take pride in. It does match well with how we operate — we’re not dogmatic at all. So, a tagline like: Self improvement for curious people.

Can you do better?

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