I’ve been pitching this privately to our publishing team and to a lot of individual authors: write articles with a book in mind.

Medium’s incentives are changing. Not instantly. Maybe you still have a year to capitalize on the current content-mill-friendly incentives. But it won’t last forever.

Also, there’s more to life than being a content mill.

The idea of a book as an organizing force is that you write a table of contents and then you write articles for each chapter or section in your table of contents.

In other words, your articles hang together. They combine into something greater, longer lasting, higher quality. …

Here’s some safe-for-public pillow talk. Drifting off to sleep, Sarah asked me if I thought I would have the same career if we weren’t together.

We both agree, obviously no.

I’m familiar with the idea of a couple supporting each other and through that support one or both of them being able to achieve things they otherwise wouldn’t.

We do that. But that’s not really the thing she was getting at.

The thing is that we each took the other person’s job.

When we met in 2003, I was an engineering leader turning into an engineering manager, at O’Reilly and then as the head of engineering at Odeo where Twitter was born. …

IMO, people are overly obsessed with Medium’s payment algorithm, which makes sense if you are trying to make a living here. But I think focusing too much attention to last month’s payment means it’s easy to stop investing in bigger wins.

On the flip side, sometimes it’s just fun to experiment here without any pressure. I do a bit of both and so I have a hard time sorting out what I’m doing for fun and what I’m doing for business. …

We put together a Jan 2 event that brings out our authors and coaches to help people build momentum in 2021. That’s the name too, Momentum 2021.

I was hoping for 16 good, short intimate sessions that gave a little bit of wisdom and a lot of Q&A with the attendees. What happened instead is that 71 experts signed up to give a talk.

There are a couple massive luminaries. George Mumford who taught meditation to Kobe & Jordan will speak. Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable, will give a talk.

If you are sober-curious, Ruari Fairbairns will be speaking. His organization, OneYearNoBeer, has done so much to reach people that are wondering if drinking is an unhealthy habit for them. …

As an app, it’s stunning. As an innovator, it’s stunning. And then just as a business…

I remember talking to them when they first launched and thinking that there was no way it would work. None.

They were in second place by a mile. And first place was well run. First place was growing. First place had a guided meditation voice that was so smooth.

And Calm’s CEO told me: I’m going to make a mindfulness brand that you see everywhere. This is more than an app.

Sure enough, last time I was in an airport I walked by a ExpressSpa that was prominently cobranded with Calm. Turns out Calm was doing so well as a business that they bought an ownership stake. …

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The key to a NYC snow is to take advantage right away.

Sarah and I took Eloise out last night around 7:30pm. The snow was pristine.

We found an untouched field and we had Eloise ruin it. She jumped, she slid, she ran. She churned the entire field of snow.

Now, a day later, the snow is a grey mush and I can’t wait for it to melt away.

Nothing gets dirtier than NYC snow. If it sticks around it collects grime on grime. If the snow melts slowly, it leaves behind a concentrate of layered grime. …

Momentum 2021. January 2nd. Online.

Three communities are coming together for a new type of event — a festival of sorts — to celebrate and share what it takes to be successful at anything and everything.

The speakers are coaches and authors from three communities: Coach.me, Better Humans and Better Marketing.

The event is January 2nd. It’s online. Tickets are free (I’ll explain below). Go here to sign up.

Our coaches see what most people never see: what actually happens when advice is put into practice. Coaches answer the question of what actually works?

Our authors are constantly researching the cutting edge and they answer the questions what’s new? …

The structure of the opportunity and the environment trumps individual willpower every time. ~ Jeff Fajans

It’s easy to think of yourself as a good judge of talent simply because people are talented. If you give someone an opportunity there’s a very good chance they will exceed anything they’ve done before.

A flip of this is breaking down the myth of 10x performers. It’s not the person, it’s the opportunity.

Create 10x opportunities and about half of people who fill that opportunity will look like a 10x performer.

The big problem is that most jobs are designed as 1x opportunities.

The key trait to doing 10x work in a 1x job is to break the rules. …

Brittany Jezouit just launched a Slack for our Better Marketing publication.

Our authors are already there and for them it’s immediately useful because they can talk about what topics to write about and get feedback from us.

But… my thing always is that advice is worth little to nothing unless you personally are involved in testing what happens when other people take it and then try it. The world’s best journalist can only summarize what they think other people do. I want to work with people who know.

And so a big goal for this Slack is to get our readers in there and work with them. What happens when they try to follow the advice in one of our articles? If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, digital marketer, creator or other person who needs to figure out better ways to promote your products, then I’d really love to see you in this Slack. …


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