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May 13 · 2 min read

Canan Coskun, a former Cumhuriyet reporter, was detained on Friday evening, for not paying a fine related to a 2015 court case, her lawyer Abbas Yalcin said.

Journalist Canan Coskun was later released on Saturday, some 13 hours after police detained her during a security check.

Canan was fined 12,600 liras (2,100 dollars) for insulting public officials in her report that alleged an Istanbul real estate project had been rigged to favor some judges and prosecutors during the purchase process, according to Cumhuriyet.

DİSK Basın, the Turkish union for media in turkey shared that according to the established operation of the newspapers, Cumhuriyet was supposed the pay the fine. The sentence was approved by the court of appeals on Oct. 2018.

Therefore Canan was taken under custody and held in Beyoğlu Police Station until the next morning. After paying the fine, she was released by a court on duty on Saturday.

Earlier this month, the world press freedom day came at a difficult week for journalists in Turkey when the news of 14 local journalists from Cumhuriyet newspaper being sent to prison has primed the coverage. The Coalition For Women In Journalism condemns threats, attacks and limitations towards all journalists and especially highlights and condemns the attacks on women journalists. We especially note that women journalists are given lesser leverage by the state here in Turkey, than in most other parts of the world.

“We request the state to revive the respect for women working in press in the country, and offer more leverage and support to women journalists. This cooperation by the state will give them more confidence to work effectively for the public interest, which alas is the mutual interest of both journalists and the state,” says CFWIJ founder.

Kiran Nazish
Founding Director

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The Coalition For Women In Journalism

Bridging gaps through support.

Women In Journalism

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The Coalition For Women In Journalism is a worldwide support network.

The Coalition For Women In Journalism

Bridging gaps through support.

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