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codebar Festival 2022 Wrapped

We can’t believe codebar Festival is over for another year! Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

codebar Festival is our jam-packed, 100% virtual, 3-day event that happens every March. Read on for the highlights of this year’s exciting event.

codebar festival has been brilliantly organised. It’s so smooth and we’re really getting a lot of use out of the Hopin platform. Genuinely one of my favourite virtual events of late.


Friday was dedicated to all things coding because we are codebar and we will always run coding workshops. However, for this year’s Festival, in response to the amazing submissions for our CFP (Call for Proposals), we split the day into two tracks: beginner and intermediate. This allowed for more sessions, but also helped our huge variety of students who are at different stages of their coding journey. We had workshops on TensorFlow.js, Git, Rust, GraphQL, and we rebuilt Flappy Bird using Unity 3D.


Saturday was Career Day. We chose this topic because there is so much more to landing a developer job than your coding ability. Also, we focus so much on coding that we wanted to do more to help our community land their dream job. This day was filled with panels, talks, a CV Review Hour and a 2-hour Job Fair. During the Job Fair, we had 6 companies sharing their open roles with our community. These jobs are available here for a few more weeks, so make sure to check them out.


Our final day was focused on all things wellness. Looking after yourself physically and mentally is extremely important. We had talks on topics that are not spoken about enough - anxiety, depression, and therapy. The day started with a yoga session, ended with some guided meditation, and even had an apple tart cook along.

All sessions from the 3 days have been recorded and will be uploaded to this playlist in the coming weeks ➡️

One element of codebar Festival we are extremely proud of is that we pay everyone involved — because we believe in giving back to the community. Every person who ran a session was paid £150, and if someone was on a panel, reviewed a CV or moderated a session, they would have received £50. Some participants asked for their payment to be donated to one or several charities, and some donated the money back to codebar. This is the standard we expect in tech from other conferences and companies. If we, as a charity, can pay our speakers, so can you!

Following our belief in transparency, below is a breakdown of all the payments we’ve made to date:

If you’re able to donate to any of the above charities, please do!

These payments would not have been possible without our two wonderful sponsors — T. Rowe Price and IDBS. Without their support, we would not have been able to run the Festival or make these contributions to other wonderful charities so we’re sending them the biggest thank you.

codebar is my go to place to hangout, network and learn something new.

We are always looking for coaches to come on board and help our students during our workshops. If you’re able to teach beginner HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby or Python, please consider signing up as a coach at

And finally, we have a virtual Open Day on Tuesday 5th April from 6PM (BST). If you’re thinking of attending one of our workshops as a student or a coach, but have questions, pop along and ask us.

One of the most rewarding things I do in life is participate in codebar

See you soon x



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