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Introducing codebar Festival

We are extremely excited to announce codebar Festival, a new 3-day 100% virtual event where each day will have a different focus; coding, career, and wellbeing. And like any festival, there will be lots going on over the 3 days from talks, panels, workshops, interactive sessions, and social lives.

As the vast majority of you, our members, voted they prefer events to take place over the weekend, and this is a 3-day event, we decided to run codebar Festival from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th of March. Friday will have a focus on coding, Saturday’s focus will be career, and Sunday will be wellness.

Why run a new event? We want to help more of our community members get their first developer job, but also progress in the tech industry. So what better way to achieve this than by running events focused on how to structure your CV, practice interviews, practice tech tests, panels, and more.

Do you think you can contribute to our festival and run a session? At the beginning of January, we will be opening up a CFP for you to submit your ideas. We’re telling you now so that you have the Christmas break to think about a session you may want to facilitate. We strongly encourage people who have never have done something like this before to submit! If you have an idea and want to chat with us about it first, please drop us an email at If your proposal is successful you will be paid £150 for your session, or you can donate that fee to your chosen charity.

We will be releasing more information about the event in January so keep an eye on our socials; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But for now, save the date, have a great Christmas break, and enjoy some very much deserved rest.

See you in the New Year ❤️

Photo taken by Anwen Williams at uncodebar 6 earlier this year




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